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KRFP Evening Report 2006 News Archive


Friday, December 29 Special: Interview With Moscow Mayor Nancy Chaney on Hawkins Companies Comments Filed by City with Whitman County, Excerpt from UI Law School Panel on Church Committee

Thursday, December 28 Moscow Responds to Whitman County on Hawkins Companies Shopping Center: Not All Concerns Addressed, Valley Vista Expects to be Sued by Creditor, Spokane Tribe Announces Gambling Compact with State

Wednesday, December 27 Moscow Police Will Continue Union Drive Next Year, Columnist Leonard Pitts, Jr to Keynote Latah County Human Rights Task Force MLK Breakfast, Washington Regulators Reject Avista Rate Increase, WSU Gets Money to Study Childhood Obesity.

Tuesday, December 26
Rep. Mike Simpson will Continue to Push CIEDRA in Democratically Controlled Congress, Martin Luther King, III to Speak at UI, Burned Genesee Bar & Restaurant to be Rebuilt, More Coverage of UI Law School Bellwood Event

Monday, December 25
Excerpt from UI Law School Bellwood Lecture 2006 with former US Senators Gary Hart of Colorado and Alan Simpson of Wyoming.

Friday, December 22
Moscow Transportation Commission Chair Walter Steed on Moscow Transportation Issues, Federal Communications Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein on Media Consolidation

Thursday, December 21 Moscow Yet to Make Comments on Hawkins Companies Updated Plan for 700,000 Sq. Ft. Shopping Center, Search for 2 Mt. Hood Climbers Called Off, Lands Council Likely to Appeal Logging in Bonners Ferry Watershed

Wednesday, December 20 Moscow School Board to Put $2 Million Supplemental Levy On Ballot March 27th, More State Department Heads to Leave as Otter Takes Office, Grinches Return Stole Peace Sign Wreath to Moscow Yard

Tuesday, December 19 Latah Eagle & Boomerang Facing Financial Hardship Due to Printing Costs, Moscow Council Approves Comp Plan Change for Orthodontist, Noxious Weeds an Issue in Whitman County Hearing on Ag Zone Rule Changes

Monday, December 18 City Council May Dissolve Bicycle Commission Tonight, Windstorm Death Toll Now 8, Montana Moves to Ban Out-Of-State or Paid Signature Gatherers for Ballot Measures

Friday, December 15 League Of Women Voters 2007 Legislative Preview - Shirley Ringo

Thursday, December 14 70,000 Sq. Ft. Shopping Center on State Line Gets OK From Whitman Co Planner, Federal Judge Rules Forest Service Road Plans in Northern Idaho & MT Fail to Protect Grizzlies, Secretary of Public Instruction-Elect Luna Accused of Misrepresenting Federal Appointment 

Wednesday, December 13 Rep. Shirley Ringo Takes a Look at New Conservative Leadership in Idaho Legislature, Safe Air for Everyone Allowed to Attend Part of Meeting with State and Tribal Leaders, New WSU President Announced

Tuesday, December 12 Moscow Administrative Committee Proposes Rebundling Development Process, Latah County School Districts Lose More Than $300,000 per Year Due to Craig-Wyden Expiration, Senator Craig Removed his Objections to Simpson Wilderness Bill at Last Moment

Monday, December 11 Latah Commissioners Reject Big Box Ordinance in Area of Impact, Democrats Walk Out of Legislative Meeting Over Lack of Proportional Committee Assignments, Montana Governor Says Draining Wilderness Lakes May be Deal Breaker in Cabinets

Friday, December 8 Special: Moscow Area of Impact Ordinance Hearing

Thursday, December 7 Key Anti-Gay Constitutional Amendment Backer Will be New Idaho House Speaker, Moscow Subcommittee Will Define 'Family' & 'Boarding House,' Report: Federal H2O Quality Calculations for Mines Unrealistic

Wednesday, December 6 Salvage Logging Bill is Dead for This Year, 2nd Taser Lawsuit in Spokane County, Valley Transit Will Not Charge for Fixed Routes

Tuesday, December 5 Latah Commissions Table Big Box Store Ordinance Until Monday, Record Number of Wolves Shot for Livestock Depredation This Year in Idaho, Montana & Wyoming, Stagnant Weather Patterns May be Unhealthy

Monday, December 4 Risch Roadless Plan Causes Confusion When Presented to Panel in DC, Public Calls for More Media Diversity at FCC Hearing in Seattle , Palouse Peace Coalition Tells High School Students & Parents it's Time to Opt out of Military Recruiter Lists

Friday, December 1 Special: Community Discussion of Vocational Education

Thursday, November 30 Moscow P&Z hears recommendations for big box stores.  Airport Board submits a plan for expansion.  State Board of Ed wants the legislature to fund more college scholarships.

Wednesday, November 29 Idaho Sites on Short List for Nuclear Fuel Processing, County to Consider Adopting Moscow Ordinances In Area of Impact, Moscow School Superintendent Wants $2 Million Levy

Tuesday, November 28 Anti-Pesticide Activist Criticizes New EPA Rules Allowing Spraying without Permits, Vocational Education Issues Addressed at Local Forum, PARD Will Appeal District Judge's WalMart SuperCenter Ruling

Monday, November 27 UI Researcher Working on New Solar Technology, Ed Board Backs Needs Based Scholarship Plan, School Construction Costs Higher Than Expected in Small Districts

Friday, November 24 Special: School of Americas Discussion Pt 2

Thursday, November 23 Special: School of Americas Discussion Pt1

Wednesday, November 22 Former UI Vice-President Jerry Wallace Pleads Guilty to Felony Misuse of Money, Northern Cheyenne Tribe in Montana will Mine for Coal, More on Bush Administration Attempts to Undermine Endangered Species Act

Tuesday, November 21 Most Defeated Idaho Democrats in Statewide Races Plan to Run Again, Judge Sides with Demoted Deputy in Suit Against Latah County, Bush Administration Is First to Use Provision in Endangered Species Act Allowing Administrators to Favor Industry

Monday, November 20 WSU Regents Votes to Allow Police to Randomly Patrol Dorm Halls, Moscow Administrative Committee Considers Bundling Annexation, Comp Plan Designation & Zoning Process, Sen. Craig Plan Rider to Counter Redden Salmon Rulings

Friday, November 17 Special: Lame Duck Wilderness Bills, Field Burning Suit Interviews

Thursday, November 16 Killing of Yellowstone Bison Begins Today, No Charges in Boise Police Killing of Teen, Utah Wilderness Bill Gets Hearing in Congress

Wednesday, November 15 Rep. Mike Simpson May Attach White Cloud Wilderness Bill to Lame Duck Spending Bill, Judge Rules Against Asthma Victims in Field Burning Suit, Enviros Sue Over Spotted Owl Habitat

Tuesday, November 14 Moscow Council Administrative Committee Considers Bundling Land Use Process, Enviros Disagree on Backing Idaho Wilderness Bills, Controversy Over WSU College Republicans Chain Link Fence Demo

Monday, November 13 Idaho Land Enhancement Act Passes Congress & May Provide Protection for Grandmother Mountain, Winds Whip Palouse, Interim Committee on Community Colleges Recommendations Lacking Say Some

Friday, November 10 Election Review

Thursday, November 9
Lt Watada Court Martialed, Russell Flying Back to US, School Of Americas Watchers, Boise Shelter Ordered to Re-open Doors to Women & Children, Nelson Looks Ahead to 4 Yr Term

Wednesday, November 8 Otter, Sali, Risch, Luna Win, Local Democrats see Challenges Ahead for Education in Idaho after Elections, Regulatory Takings Initiatives Defeated in 3 of 4 Western States, Presentation on School of Americas Tonight

Election Night Wrap-Up 12:15 am Wed., Nov. 8

Tuesday, November 7 Punch Holes Not Lining Up to Candidates' Names Are A Concern at Latah County Polls, 9th Circuit Allows Logging to Start in Montana's Bitterroot Forest Despite Pending Suits, Teck-Cominco Files a Stay of 9th Circuit Ruling that says They're Responsible for Columbia Clean-Up, Moscow Swimming Pool Losing Money

Monday, November 6 A Look at Gay Marriage Amendment HJR 2, Governors Race Neck & Neck as Brady Campaigns in Moscow, A Look at Proposition 1

Friday, November 3 Special: EPA Region 10 Eliminates Environmental Justice Office, Welcomes New Director

Thursday, November 2 Student Stabbed on UI Campus, Lawsuit Hearing on Bush Administration Rules Overhaul, Architects Outline Joint Law Enforcement Center

Wednesday, November 1 Governors Race Will Cost More Than $2 Million , Risch Backs $16 Million Nursing Training Facility in Lewiston, Federal Highway Administration Narrows Possible US 95 Routes to Three

Tuesday, October 31 Former UI Vice President Jerry Wallace Indicted for Misuse of Public Money, Gritman Offers Plan to Run Latah Health Center Pool for a Year, Commission Candidates on Idea of Moving Fairgrounds, Candidates for Governor Spar in Twin Falls

Monday, October 30 Statewide Polls Show Idaho Governor's & First Congressional District Races Dead Heats, as are Proposition 2 and Joint Resolution on Education Spending, Interview with Congressional Candidate Larry Grant, UI Researchers Say Wolves Not Responsible for Reduced Elk Populations

Friday, October 27 Special: Prop. 2 Interviews with Laird Maxwell of This House is My Home, Elaine Clegg of Idaho Smart Growth, and Eric Stochan of A Thousand Friends of Oregon

Thursday, October 26 Montana Governor Says Idaho Should Outlaw Game Farms, Pullman Activists Protest WSU Water Rights, Overview of Sali-Grant Congressional Race

Wednesday, October 25 Sali & Grant Disagree on Public Lands, Low Power FM in Spokane Saved from Being Forced Off the Air, Moscow School Board Urges 'No' on Property Tax Advisory Vote

Tuesday, October 24 Political Analyst Discusses Sali / Grant Race, Costly Trash on Public Lands, Appeal to Prevent Logging of Tornado-Downed Timber Rejected by Forest Service

Monday, October 23 Wilderness Historian Doug Scott Touring through Region, Joseph Duncan begins 3 Life Terms Near Boise, P&Z to Hear Report on Big Box Store Size Caps

Friday, October 20 Special: Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum Excerpts

Thursday, October 19 Idaho Lags Behind in Elk Farm Restrictions, National Republican Group Funds Attack Ads in Idaho Congressional Campaign, Pullman Super WalMart Appeal Denied

Wednesday, October 18 Candidates Address Area of City Impact and Other Issues at 2 Local Forums, Moscow Hearing Held on New High School Graduation Requirements, UI Professors Promote Green Manure for Potato Farmers on the Ft. Hall Reservation

Tuesday, October 17 Laird Maxwell on Prop 2 Radio Ad That Didn't Mention Church was not in Idaho, Parents Settle Discrimination Lawsuit Against Brewster, Washington School District, Bill to Allow Sea Lion Hunt Proposed

Monday, October 16  Prop 2 Proponent Laird Maxwell Defends Public Record Inquiry, Duncan Pleads Guilty, Fish & Wildlife Service's Biological Opinion Says Cabinet Grizzlies Will be Okay

Friday, October 13 The Church Committee's Legacy is Scrutized by those who Took Part in it.

Thursday, October 12 UI Bellwood Lecture Panel Looks at Investigations of the CIA Done By Church Committee, UI Wants Students to Pay For Pullman Shuttle Bus, Coroner Rules Tyler Shaw Death an 'Accident'

Wednesday, October 11 Local Debate on Prop 2, Lewiston School District Wants $1.5 Million to Process Info Request from Prop 2 Sponsors, Nez Perce Tribe Set to Adopt Policies on Inheritance

Tuesday, October 10  Reservoir Forum: Feasibility Studies Needed, Pullman Group Hears about Initiative 933, Wyoming Sues Feds to Allow Wolf Trophy Hunts

Monday, October 9 Office of Species Conservation Head Caswell Calls for 'Rare & Declining Species' State Law, Columbia Institute for Water Policy Weights in on Water-Land Use Law Separation, P&Z Committee Comes Up With Dark Star Draft Ordinance

Friday, October 6

Special: Restoring Our Rivers Forum in Spokane, WA Featuring Former Secretary of Interior Bruce Babbitt and Don Barbieri, CEO Red Lion Corp

Thursday, October 5 Moscow Pastor Arrested on California Warrant for Sexual Abuse of a Child, Health Officials Confirm Tainted Spinach Caused the Death of Idaho Toddler, Spokane County Prosecutor Holds Off on Deciding Whether to Charge Spokane Officers with Crimes RElating to Death of Otto Zehm, Potential Public Lands User Fees and Missing Recreation Site Funds Questioned.

Wednesday, October 4 Tort Claim Filed Against Moscow Over Rodeo Dr. Planned Unit Development, Spokane Co. Prosecutor Declines to Indict Police Who Hogtied Otto Zehm, Burlington Northern Wants to Blast Glacier Park with Howitzers

Tuesday, October 3 Palouse Basin Water Summit Participants Try to Plan Area's Water Future, Moscow City Council Approves Re-Zone Expanding Downtown, Bennett Lumber Won't Charge Access Fees on its Land

Monday, October 2 Helen Chenoweth Dies in Nevada Car Accident, Analysis of Impacts of Proposed Recreation Fees on Forest Service and Potlatch Land, Gov. Risch is Against Proposition 2

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