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KRFP Evening Report October-December 2007 News Archive

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December 31, 2007 Area Highways Closed by Drifts, Record Number of Murders in Boise during 2007, Frequent Palouse Visitor & Former Palouse Resident & WSU Journalism Prof Jim Dunn, Excerpt of Chief Justice Roberts Speech in Missoula

December 28, 2007 Special: State Senator Kate Kelly on Idaho's Ethics and Disclosure Laws, and Lack Thereof

December 27, 2007 Environmentalist Says Forest Service Draft Environmental Impact Statement Includes Loopholes Allowing More Logging in Idaho Roadless Areas, Airborne Ammonia Levels Up in Western National Parks, Financial Dispute May Have Led to 6 Western Washington Slayings

December 26, 2007 268 UI Retirees File Tort Complaint Over Pension Changes, Local Legislators Oppose Proposed Merit-Based Teachers' Bonus System, Local Option Transportation Tax Proposal to Go Before Legislature, Testimony on Moscow Capital Improvement Plan

December 25, 2007 Special: City Council Ceremony for Emergency Responders who Helped During May 19th Shooting HiFi Version

December 24, 2007 Conservative Legislators Want AG's Opinion on City of Moscow's New Employee Insurance Police that Covers Domestic Partners, Archive of City Council Discussion on Insurance Policy Issue, Risch Tries to Allay Fears that More Roadless Area than Expected will be Logged Under Idaho Roadless Plan, New UI Smokestack Construction to Begin in February

December 21, 2007 Special: Idaho Fish & Game Clearwater Region Wildlife Manager Jay Crenshaw Takes Questions about Draft State Wolf Plan

December 20, 2007 Moscow P&Z Commission Approves Capital Improvement Plan, Jr. High Student Reports Attempted Abduction, PARD & Wal-Mart Argue Super Center Appeal in Spokane, CDC Investigating 2 SIDS Deaths in Kootenai County

December 19, 2007 Latah County Jail Inmate Dies after Struggle in Cell and Moscow Police Department is Investigating, Former Governor Andrus Joins Mining Company Board and Former Governor Kempthorne Weakens Interior Ethics Board, Emergency Workers Honored Due to Actions in May 19th Shooting Spree

December 18, 2007 Moscow City Council Tables Noise Ordinance Changes and Gun Control Resolution Indefinately, Council Supports Insurance Policy that Gives Employees' Domestic Partners Benefits, Legacy Crossing Urban Renewal District Established

December 17, 2007 Moscow City Council to Consider Domestic Partner Benefits, UI Won't Provide Domestic Partner Benefits, Noise Ordinance Final Vote due Tonight, Man Sues Lewiston and Nez Perce County for Wrongful Arrest & Tasering

December 14, 2007 Special: Presentation to Moscow about Establishing Impact Fees to Fund City's Capital Investment Plan

December 13, 2007 Critics Say DEQ Plan to Reduce Height of Planned Cataldo Hazardous Waste Pile Not Adequate, Craig & Crapo Block BATF Head Confirmation, Judge Redden Gives Feds Extra Time on Salmon Plan

December 12, 2007 State Senator Kate Kelly Tells Moscow Group Ethic Laws Need to be Tougher, Fish and Game Official Quizzed on Wolf Plan to be in Place after Endangered Species Protection Ends, Latah Jail Inmate in Critical Condition After Apparently Resisting Transfer to Mental Facility

December 11, 2007 Moscow Comittee Moves Forwawrd with Domestic Partner Benefits for City Employees, Bernett Research Call Center to Close, Proposed Water Tower on UI Campus Causes Debate over Asthetics of Arboretum

December 10, 2007 Moscow Administrative Committee Forwards Two Versions of Noise Ordinance Changes to Full City Council and Approves Resolution Calling for State Legislation Allowing Control of Guns on Municipal Property, City Plans to Move Forward on Impact Fees, Council Member Weber Discusses Urban Renewal District Boundaries

December 7, 2007 Special: Panel Discussion on Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act, Now Before Congress

December 6, 2007 Idaho Legislators Warn of Tight Budgets During Next Session, Moscow Urban Renewal Agency Postpones Decision on Renewal District Boundaries, Moscow School District Attorney Argues Permanent Levy Increase Tax Money School During This Budget Year

December 5, 2007 Moscow Urban Renewal Agency to Decide Boundaries for Urban Renewal District Thursday Morning, Kokanee Egg Numbers Down in Lake Pend Orielle Fishery, Sen. Craig Supports Media Ownership Act of 2007 Which Passed Commerce Committee Today

December 4, 2007 Another Nuclear Power Plant Proposed for Boise Area, US Fish & Wildlife Service Decision Making Condemned by Judge over Science Manipulation on Sage Grouse ESA Decision, Moscow Council Supports 3 Ft. Clearance for Bikes Statewide, Approves 1912 Building Improvements

December 3, 2007 Duncan Pleads Guilty to 10 Felonies Including Murder, Paper Reports 8 Men Say Larry Craig had Sex with Them or Made Advances Toward Them, Floods Close I-5 in Western Washington, Northwest Mining Association meets in Spokane as Repeal of 135 Year Old Mining Claim Law Makes its way Through Congress

November 30, 2007 Special: Noise Ordinance Change Discussion Continues at Administrative Committee

November 29, 2007 Hahn Rental Severely Damaged by Fire, Washington Officials Approve Long Term Water Use Plan for Palouse Basin, Judge to Decide on Moscow $6 Million Wastewater Treatment Bond

November 28, 2007 New Rep. Schmick to Support Reinstating I-747, Recently Elected Moscow Council Members Weigh in on Proposed Legislation Allowing Gun Bans on City Property, Idaho School for Deaf & Blind to Close Benefitting Local Districts

November 27, 2007 Chaney & Ringo to Work on Legislation to Allow Cities to Regulate Firearms on City Property, Solicitor General Argues Against Canadian Polluter Teck Cominco's Position in Superfund Case, Plea Deal Reached for 19 Year Old Accused of Assaulting Spokane Officer During July 4th Police Attack

November 26, 2007 Moscow Administrative Committee Holds Noise Ordinance for Another Two Weeks, BSU Recieves More Research Money, Oregon Preliminary Comments Raise Questions About Proposed Liquified Gas Terminal, Conservation Groups want Court Review of New Yellostone Snowmobile Policy

November 23, 2007 Special: Latah County Commissioner Tom Stroschein discusses Northern Idaho Water Adjudication

November 22, 2007 Special: Proposed Changes to Noise Ordinance Discussed at Nov. 5th City Council Meeting

November 21, 2007 Weitz Says School District Can Get March Reinstated if They Negotiate with Him, Bush Administration Withdraws Appeal of Salmon Rules, Man Shot in the Heat by Off-Duty Spokane Police Sues over Excessive Force and Violation of Rights.

November 20, 2007 Moscow School District Property Tax Collection in Doubt Due to Ruling in Lawsuit, Idaho Proposes Reducing Wolf Population in Draft Fish and Game Plan, Moscow Council Approves Changes in Outdoor Watering Ordinance Monday Night

November 19, 2007 Pullman Fires Ruled Arson, Lawn Watering on Moscow City Council Agenda, Idaho Ed Board Official Says It's Time to Develop Dual Enrollment Program, Anti-Environmentalist Montana Radio Host Sued for Defamation

November 16, 2007 Special: City Administrative Committee Considers Changes to Noise Ordinance

November 15, 2007 Four Early Morning Fires in Pullman May be Arson, KRFP Off the Air for a Week Due to Asbestos Release in Building, School Levy Passes Again, Food Coop Members & Board Discuss Free Speech for Employees

November 7, 2007 Newly Elected Moscow City Council Members Want More Opportunities for Economic Development, Advisory Board says Clean-Up Delays at Hanford Are Unjustified, Idaho Supreme Court Wants Due Process for Those Kicked Out of Drug Court Programs

November 6, 2007 Russell Guilty of 3 Counts of Vehicular Homicide, Moscow Food Coop Employee Asked to Sign Letter Saying She Could be Fired for Distributing Boycott List, Noise Ordinance Gets Another Month of Discussion, NW Coalition Against Pesticides Sues to Prevent Salmon Deaths

November, 5, 2007Christ Church Boycott List Causes Reprimand, Noise Ordinance Before Council, Interim Legislative Committee Considers Changing Rules for Hard Liquor Sales, Moscow Appeals 3 Water Rights Transfers Approved by Washington DOE for Hawkins Companies Shopping Center

November 2, 2007 Special: Excerpts from AARP City Council Candidates Forum

November 1, 2007 In Depth Look at Moscow City Council Campaign Contributions, Two Idaho Tribes want to Hunt Bison Near Yellowstone, Minnesota Judge approves Friend of the Court Brief in Craig Case

October 31, 2007 New Salmon Biological Opinion Released, Moscow Urban Renewal Agency to Host 3 Meetings to Take Public Input on Proposed District, Walt Minnick Seriously Considering Run for 1st District Seat in Congress

October 30, 2007 Latah Commissioner Stroschein Explains Views on Northern Idaho Water Adjudication, Moscow Council Candidates Called 'Bigots,' Crapo Backs Return of Passenger Train Service to Southern Idaho

October 29, 2007 Latah Commissioners Reject Resolution Against Northern Idaho Water Adjudication, Washington ACLU Sues Federal Immigration Authorities Over Long Delays in Naturalization, 86 Members of Congress Want Snowmobiles Banned in Yellowstone

October 26, 2007 Excerpts from Moscow Civic Association Forum: "Smart Economic Growth For A Prosperous Moscow: Attracting High Tech Businesses and Well-Paying Jobs."

October 25, 2007 Pedestrian Apparently Hit Today at Moscow Crosswalk on Moscow Pullman Highway Near Stinker Station, City Council Candidates Addressed that Crosswalk Last Night on KRFP, Dino Rossi to Run for Washington Governor Again, Idaho Man Gets 2nd Death Sentence

October 24, 2007 City Council Candidates Address Growth, Big Box Stores at Forum, UI Unveils New Insurance Program for Employees, Kootenai County Commissioners Vote Against Delaying Water Adjudication

October 23, 2007 Panel on Smart Economic Development for High-Paying, Highly-Skilled Jobs Features Successful Moscow Businesspeople, Sandpoint Campus on Hold due to Financial Woes at Coldwater Creek, Week-Long Outdoor Homeless Protest Ends in Spokane After Agreement Reached

October 22, 2007 Moscow Administrative Committee Discusses Noise Ordinance Again, Gov. Otter Supports Luna's Teacher Salary Plan, Mt. St. Helen Visitors Center to Close, Interior Attorney to Testify for Plaintiffs in Cobell vs. Kempthorne Indian Trust Trial

October 19, 2007 City Council Candidates Discuss Water Supply and Development at Chamber of Commerce Candidates' Forum Audio of Entire Forum Here

October 18, 2007 US House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act, Arguments Scheduled on Closed Primaries in Idaho, Woman Sexually Assaulted by 3 or 4 Men on WSU Campus, Moscow Police Assistant Chief David Duke Going for WSU Police Chief Job

October 17, 2007 City Council Candidates Discuss Water Supply and Economic Development at Chamber of Commerce Forum, Man Shot in the Head by Drunk Off-Duty Spokane Police Found Not Guilty of Auto Theft, Idaho and Coeur d'Alene Tribe Reach Agreement on Gas Taxes

October 16, 2007 City Council Approves 68 Lot Subdivision East of Indian Hills, Mayor Chaney Reports on Proposed Farmers Market Changes, Former Rep. Eugene Prince Dies, La Niña Means Wetter, Colder Winter Possible

October 15, 2007 Otter Wants Increase in Anti-Mercury Pollution Program, Jury Selections Begins in Frederick Russell Trial, Vets & Middle Easterner Debate Reasons for War in Iraq after Film Showing, Class Action Status Considered in Lawsuit over Spokane County's Former $89 Booking Fee for Arrestees

October 12, 2007 Special: Moscow Saturday Farmers Market Issue

October 11, 2007 Greater Moscow Political Action Committee Donates $750 to Three City Council Candidates, UI Law Dean to Consider Moving Law School to Boise, Attorney for Epileptic Trent Yohe Disputes Prosecutor's Ruling that Killing by Spokane County Deputies was 'Excusable Homicide.'

October 10, 2007 Moscow School Board Schedules Election Re-Run for Tuesday, November 13th, Cottonwood City Council Votes in Favor of New Cell Phone Tower, Trent Yohe's Killing by Spokane County Sheriffs Ruled "Excusable Homicide"

October 9, 2007 Ecology Decision May Thwart Hawkins Companies 700,00 Square Foot Mall, Farmers' Market Trial Lay-Out Will Not Happen During October, Taser Injury Report by Physicians Group Released in Seattle

October 8, 2007 Washington Department of Ecology Approves 3 out of 4 Water Rights Transfers from Hawkins Company Mall Developer Who Wants to Build on State Line, Moscow School Superintendent Candice Donicht Responds to Judge's Decision Asking for Re-Run of Levy Vote, Downtown Business Owners Meet with City Officials About Farmers' Market Layout Changes

October 5, 2007 Palouse Basin Water Summit: Proposals to Mitigate Declining Palouse Aquifers

October 4, 2007 Judge Rules Craig Conviction Will Stand, Craig Says He'll Stay in Senate, Washington Supreme Court Rules Candidate's False Statements are Protected Under First Amendment, Classroom Enhancement Program to Help Idaho Teachers

October 3, 2007 Three Proposals for Dealing with Looming Water Shortages Presented at Palouse Basin Water Summit, Otter Calls for Nuclear Energy in Idaho, Paul Kjellinger Named Idaho Energy Resources Dept. Director

October 2, 2007 Moscow City Council Wants More Public Input before Allowing Officer Initiated Noise Complaints, Architect Palouse Basin Water Summit Looks at Conservation Strategies, Otter Signs 4-State Wildfire Cooperation Pact

October 1, 2007 Some Vendors & Main Street Businesses Oppose Proposal to Realign Farmers' Market , City Council Candidates Face Questions from New St. Andrews Students, Noise Ordinance Changes on City Council Agenda Tonight



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