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Friday, March 30 Special: Public Policy Summit on Idaho Employment Anti-Discrimination Laws and HJR2, the Constitutional Amendment on Same Sex Domestic Partnerships

Thursday, March 29 Idaho Legislature Unable to Wrap Up Session After Senate Rejects Quarter Billion Highway Bill, 2 Men Arrested for Racist Graffitti in Pullman, Transient Killed by Spokane Police Identified

Wednesday, March 28 Bowling Alley Smoking Ban Veto Overturned, Grocery Credit Veto Not Overturned, Latah County Sued by Naylor Farms, Archies on the Square Owner Responds to Insensitivity Accusations

Tuesday, March 27 Legislature Approves 3% Teacher Raise, House Veto Vote on Grocery Income Tax Credit Scheduled for Tomorrow, Protest Against Local Eatery Accused on Mistreatment of Mentally Disabled Customer

Monday, March 26 Minimum Wage Bill Passes Idaho Senate, Moscow School District Voters to Decide Levy Tomorrow, Bill That Finances Interstate Exchange for Cabela's Signed by Otter

Friday, March 23 Special: Climate Change Forum: Local, Regional, National Efforts

Thursday, March 22 Wheatland Express to Continue for Another Year, Idaho Legislature Will Continue into Next Week, Mexican Human Rights Organizer Says NAFTA has Ruined Economy and Caused Sharp Increase in Immigration to US

Wednesday, March 21 Nez Perce Tribal Member Helping Allotment Owners Dealing with Utility Company Trespass, J-FAC Approves $12 Million for College Scholarships & Proposes Setting Aside $60 Million Emergency Fund, Defeated Legislator Quickly Gets Lobbying Job for Cabala's

Tuesday, March 20 City Officials Concerned that New St. Andrews Might be Violating Temporary Conditional Use Permit by Enrolling More Than 150 Full-Time Equivalent Students, Governor Otter Vetos Grocery Tax Rebate, Rep. Rahall Accuses Montana of Murdering Bison

Monday, March 19 Anti-War March in Moscow, Palouse Trail Task Force Announces Potential Connecting Trail Routes, North Idaho College Instructor Gets Death Threats for Comments about Republicans

Friday, March 16 Special: Climate Change Forum on Transportation and Energy Efficiency

Thursday, March 15 Teachers Oppose Legislation Giving Them $3000 Per Year More If They Give Up Job Security, Idaho House Rejects Genetic Test Access For Insurance Companies, Lewiston Valley Transit Riders Want More Service

Wednesday, March 14 Spokane County Judge Lets Cops Off the Hook for Prolonged Tasering Death of a Calf, More 'Connecting Idaho' Money to Go to Southern Idaho and Less for Northern Part Idaho and US-95 , Washington Senate Passes Stipend Bill for Employees Needing Family Medical Leave

Tuesday, March 13 State Senator from Montana Leading US Legislators in Rejecting Bush Fast Track Trade Authority, Washington Department of Ecology to Analyze Whitman County Water Rights, Otter Favors English as Official Language Law, Moscow Fire Chief Resigns

Monday, March 12 Idaho Senate Passes Bill Prohibiting Taxpayer Services from Being Used for People in US Illegally, Pullman Police Recommend 5 Charges Against Man They Tasered, Elk Farm Bill May Be Weakened

Friday, March 9 Special: Jane Goodall Press Conference

Thursday, March 8 Hawkins Companies Begins Approval Procss for Gaining Water Rights for 700,000 Square Foot Mall, Chimp Expert Jane Goodall Talks About Habitat Issues, Plaintiff Suing Government in Class Action Tribal Money Case Now Reaching Billions Explains Rejection of Interior Secretary Kempthorne's Settlement Offer, Palouse Ice Rink Gets Repreive

Wednesday, March 7 Moscow Citizen Committee Looking at Boarding House Issues, Ice Rink Task Force to go Over Public Suggestions, County Won't Likely be able to Afford New Land for Both Fairgrounds and Joint Law Enforcement Center, Woman Arrested for Having Bomb in Spokane Public Building Says it Wasn't Hers

Tuesday, March 6 Senate-Passed Legislation on Allowing Public Testimony on Feedlot Operations Still Awaits Action in Idaho House, Offer Made by Federal Government in Lawsuit over Billions Stolen from Tribes, Moscow & Latah County to Consider Space Sharing with Army National Guard

Monday, March 5 Idaho Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Junior Water Rights Holders, Idaho Attorney General's Office Investigating Alleged Misuse of University of Idaho Funds and Conflict of Interest at Center for Advanced Microelectronics
and Biomolecular Research, Legislature Supports Plan to Replenish Big Wood River, International Students host Cruise the World

Friday, March 2 Special: Highlights of Moscow Civic Association Panel on Saving Area Bus Service. Full Audio Here.

Thursday, March 1 Moscow P&Z Votes Against Big Box Store Size Cap, A New Report Says Idaho is Dead Last in Day Care Regulations, Washington Senate Passes Gay Rights Bill

Wednesday, February 28 Otter Office Responds to Federalization on Idaho National Guard, Pullman Man with Glaucoma Appealing Marijuana Conviction, Capitol Compromise Plan to Save State 11 Million

Tuesday, February 27 Panelists Say They're On the Verge of a Plan to Keep Area Bus Service Running, Hawkins Companies Applies for 4 Water Rights Transfers for Mall in Corridor, Idaho Science Teahcers adopt Intelligent Design Position, Day Care Bill Killed in Committee

Monday, February 26 University of Idaho Announces New Scholarship Program, Moscow Civic Association Panel to Discuss Regional Public Transportation Tonight, U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Appeal on Washington Primary System, Potato Grower May Sue Idaho Over Nematode Designation

Friday, February 23 Highlights of Ungulate Biologist Jim Peek Speaking at the UI

Thursday, February 22 Lawsuit By UI Researchers Alleges Retaliation By Professor Gary Maki After Whistle-Blowing on Conflict of Interest, Larry Craig out of Bi-Partisan Alliance Trying to Renew Federal Timber Money to Counties, Coeur d'Alene Tribe to Consider Future of Reservation Field Burning

Wednesday, February 21 Pullman Chief Announces Tasering of Retreating Suspect not Excessive Force, Moscow City Council Unbundles Development Process and Recieves Fair and Affordable Housing Commission Report, UI Ungulate Biologist Discusses Wolves' Place in Idaho Ecosystems

Tuesday, February 20 Wolf Hunting Season Approved by Idaho Senate, City Council to Consider Unbundling Annexation, Zoning, Planning & Platting Processes, Grain Elevators Saved

Monday, February 19 Demostrators at Idaho Statehouse Call fo Health Care Reform, Petition Demands Enforcement of Moscow Sidewalk Shoveling Law, Moscow Weighs Options for Aquiring Land For Widening 'D' Street

Friday, February 16 Special: Climate Change Speakers Highlights

Thursday, February 15 Industry Supported Elk Farm Licensing Bill Passes Idaho Senate Committee, Pullman Police Accused of Excessive Taser Use, State Senate Seeks to Ease Restrictions on Feedlot Public Testimony

Wednesday, February 14 Two Bills Reducing Immigrant Rights Introduced into Idaho Legislature, Vote-by-Mail Passes Idaho Senate Panel, New Northern Regional Forester Announced

Tuesday, February 13 Four Bills Restricting Elk Farms Face Votes in Legislative Committee, Pullman Wants to Build Reservoir for Airport Firefighting that Could Also be Used for Corridor Development, UI Expanding Into Sandpoint, Gas Tax Revenues on Reservations an Issue in Legislature

Monday, February 12 Forest Service May Use $93 Million in Collected Campground & Rec Fees to Pay for Program to Shut Down Recreation Sites, Moscow Parking Survey Distributed, Otter Proposes Tent-Like Prison Structures

Friday, February 9 Special: Wheatland Express Funding Threatened

Thursday, February 8 University of Idaho VP Wants Way Wheatland Express Is Financed Changed, Luna Education Budget Passes House Ed Committee, Controversial Development Plan On Hold in Downtown Pullman

Wednesday, February 7 Voices in the Wilderness Activist Kathy Kelly Interviewed by KRFP Hosts, Mistrial in Watada Court Martial, Community College Supermajority Reduction Nixed by Legislative Committee, Whitman County Sets Feb. 15 Hearing Date in Hawkins Companies Mall Proposal

Tuesday, February 6 Idaho House Committee Moves Forward with Single Grocery Tax Credit Bill, Martin Luther King III Tells How He Feels About the War & Other Human Rights Issues, Moscow Ice Rink Gets 5 Year Rotating Lease From Fair Board

Monday, February 5 County-Wide Gritman Vote: For and Against, Washington Lwamakers Seek Improved Whistleblower Protection, Cemetery District Water Rights Hearing Set, Parental Consent Abortion Bill in Idaho Legislature Again

Friday, February 2 Special: Global Warming Primer with UI Geography Prof. Von Walden HiFi LoFi

Thursday, February 1 Cabomet Members Petitioned on Global Warming, WSU Student Leader Discusses Saving Wheatland Express, Real Estate Broker Offeres Commissioners Chance to Buy Land for Fairgrounds

Wednesday, January 31 Energy Poll Shows Idahoans Support Alternative Energy Incentives, Idaho Legislature Soon to Hear Elk Farming Issues, City of Seattle Liable for Wrongly Arresting WTO Portesters, 4 UI Farms Now Under One Administrative Entity

Tuesday, January 30 9th Circuit Rules EPA Must Study Health Impacts of Field Burning in Idaho or Ban It, Forest Service to Allow Public into Recreation Site Closure Process, Washington to Study Aquifer Recharge Potential Near Kamiak Butte

Monday, January 29 Wolves to be De-Listed in Great Lakes, But Not in Northern Rockies, Area Anti-War Activity Takes to the Streets and High Schools, Emergency Dispatch Money in Washington May Move West of Cascades Under Gregoire Plan

Friday, January 26 Special: Nukes in the News

Thursday, Januart 25 P&Z Recommends Hearing on Big Box Store Size Cap, Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute Director Weighs In on Development in Corridor, Idaho Republican Party Fails to Reimburse Northern Idaho Fire District After Cheney Visit

Wednesday, January 24 New Forest Service chief Criticized for Past Retaliation Against Whistleblowers, 9th Circuit Court Reverses Craig Zero-Funding Efforts and Orders BPA to Fund Fish Passage Center, Capitol Project Delays Will Cost State Million According Capitol Commission Chair

Tuesday, January 23 Administrators from Idaho's Universities Petition Legislature for Increase Funding, Aquatic Task Force Looks at Ways to Control Invasive Milfoil in Northern Idaho Water, Conflict of Interest Delays Pullman Downtown Development Approval Process

Monday, January 22 Feds Plan Idaho Meeting Ahead of Huge Nevada Explosion, Moscow Chamber Complains to City About Mayor's Car Dealership Comments, County Appeals City Ice Rink Cease-And-Desist Order, Luna to Hire Indian Education Director

Friday, January 19 Special: Wolf Experts on Livestock Depridation and Endangered Species Status

Thursday, January 18 Area Activist LeRoy Lee Dies, PBAC Report Blames Moscow for Aquifer Declines

Wednesday, January 17 Mayor Chaney Says It's Too Early to Replace Dickinson, Pullman Official Calls Stormwater Permits Unfair, Otter & GOP Meets to Discuss Capitol Renovation Differences

Tuesday, January 16 Math and Science High School Graduation Requirements out of Senate Committee, New Law Proposed Preventing Idaho Prison Guards from Having Sex with Those on Probation, Puget Sound Progress Report In

Monday, January 15 Columnist Leonard Pitts, Jr. Gives Keynote at Human Rights Breakfast, Youth Rosa Parks Award Presented, First Female Forest Chief Named, Elk Farms to be a Big Legislative Issue

Friday, January 12 Special: Memories of John Dickinson HiFi Version

Thursday, January 11 Wildlife Experts Weigh In on Wolf Issues, Idahoans React to Bush's War Plans, Otter Says Guard has Served Enough, Washington State Lawmakers to Move Domestic Partnership Legislation

Wednesday, January 10 Details on Moscow Comments on Proposed Car Dealership in Moscow-Pullman Highway, Pullman Talks About Extending Services Into Corridor, Idaho Senate Minority Leader Clint Stennet On This Year's Legislative Issues

Tuesday, January 9 Whitman County Planner Responds to Moscow Comments on Hawkins Companies Shopping Center Proposal, Dickinson Search Called 'Recovery' Rather Than 'Rescue', Idhao Democrats Respond to State of the State

Monday, January 8 City Council Member John Dickinson Missing After Oregon Accident, Search Reportedly Called Off, Gov. Otter Delivers State of the State Message, Supermajority Reduction for Community College Votes Seen as Unlikely

Friday, January 5 Special: Senator Gary Schroeder Interviewed Previewing Legislative Session

Thursday, January 4 Washington State Highway 26 Closed Due to Snow & Accidents, Expected to Reopen Tonight, Moscow School Superintendent Donicht Discusses Upcoming Levy Vote, BLM Director Resigns, Nez Perce Tribe Will Help Monitor Potlatch Air Quality

Wednesday, January 3 County Commissioners Reject Other Offers for Latah Health Services, Say Gritman Deal Will be Voted On, Kootenai Environmental Alliance Will Not Participate in Collaborative Process with Forest Service, Moscow Council Offers Employees More Comp Time

Tuesday, January 2 Idaho Appeals to 9th Circuit Court to Reinstate Death Penalty against Mark Henry Lankford, Rahall Says Forest Service has been "Slashing Forest Laws," Interview with Moscow Mayor Chaney Part 2

Monday, January 1 Special: UI Law School Panel on Church Committee, Excerpts from Q&A with Audience


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