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KRFP Evening Report January-March 2007 News Archive



Friday, September 28 Special: Buy Local Moscow Forum

Thursday, September 27 Gritman & County Officials Meet to Smoot Relationship Ruffled by Latah Health Services Building Use, Another Candidate Drops Out of Council Race, Serial Killer Yates' Death Sentence Upheld

Wednesday, September 26 Craig Says He'll Stay in Senate Past October 1st, Federal Judge in Oregon Rules 2 Provisions in Patriot Act Unconstittutional, 55 Attorneys Volunteer to Help 17 Riverfront Park Protesters Arrested for Trespassing on July 4th, Washington Governor Announces New Satellite Tracking for Sex Offenders

Tuesday, September 25 Moscow Residents Discuss Buy-Locally Movement, Russell Trial Moved to Kelso, Latah Mental Health Court may be Running Next Month, Seattle Police Chief Must Explain When Reversing Internal Investigation Decisions

Monday, September 24 Minnesota Prosecutor Says Craig's Playing Political Games, Russell Trial to be Moved out of Whitman County, Anti-War Montana Democrats Seeking Primary Opponent for Baucus

Friday, September 21 Special: Proposed Urban Renewal District Public Input Session

Thursday, September 20 Moscow P&Z Approves 75 Acre Subdivision 1.5 Miles South of City, Prosecutor Objects to Minnesota ACLU Brief in Support of Craig, Pullman Rape Suspect Turns Self In, Chief Justice Roberts Advises Montana Law Students

Wednesday, September 19 Public Input on Moscow Urban Renewal District Heard, 2nd Pullman Rape Suspect Turns Self In, BLM Wants to Spend $23 Million Rehabilitating 1000 Sq. Miles Burned in Murphy Complex Fire, Idaho Attorney General Tells Moscow it Can't Regulate Firearms in City Buildings

Tuesday, September 18 Moscow Council Approves Boarding House Ordinance, Moves Forward on Urban Renewal District, Kit Crane Appointed to Council, Arrest Warrant Issued for Adult Movie Performer in Pullman Rape Case, Sen. Craig back on Capitol Hill

Monday, September 17 Palouse Residents Remember the Live of John Dickinson, Input Session Planned for Proposed Urban Renewal Area, City, City Council to Address Palouse Ice Rink Appeal, Changing Definition of Affected Persons in Zoning Appeals, and Boarding Houses Tonight, Man who Attacked Sierra Club Hikers with Motorcycle in Wilderness Area Gets Reduced Misdimeanor Conviction

Friday, September 14 Special: City Council Candidates Tom Lamar and Aimee Shipman

Thursday, September 13 Kouse Street Neighbors Appeal Board of Adjustment Ice Rink Approval, Rail Board Created for Eastern Washington's Palouse River Coullee City Railroad, Idaho County Accepts FEMA Money over Objectsion of Commissioner Skip Brandt

Wednesday, September 12 Memorial for City Council Member John Dickinson Saturday, Council Candidate Tom Lamar on the Future of Moscow, Wildlife Officials Deciding on Charges for Man who Killed Grizzly, Federal Judge Orders Female Hormone Therapy for Idaho Inmate

Tuesday, September 11 Washington Dept. of Ecology Delays Water Transfer Decision for Hawkins Companies, Sex Offender Sitler's Probation Restrictions Changed, Craig Hearing on Reversing Conviction Set for Sept. 24th

Monday, September 10 Moscow Administrative Committee Sends Tightened Noise Ordinance to Full Council, 2 Enviornmental Groups to Sue US Fish & Wildlife for Failing to Consider Rare Giant Palouse Earthworm for Endangered Species Act Protection, Craig Files to Withdraw Guilty Plea

Friday, September 7 Special: City Council Public Hearing and Vote on Boarding Houses

Thursday, September 6 Craig Aide says Senator Unlikely to Keep Senate Seat, Moscow Arts Commission Considers Moving Farmers' Market to Main Street, Santa Barter Fair Expects Trading Crowd

Wednesday, September 5 Senate Ethics Committee will Continue Investigating Craig, who Now Says He May Not Resign, Moscow Council Moves on Changing Boarding House and Rental Rules for Residential Neighborhoods, Latah Trail Funding Slows

Tuesday, September 4 Senator Larry Craig to Resign, Severe Draught Conditions in Idaho, Idaho State Police Arrest 2 for Drug Trafficking

Monday, September 3 Special: City Council Candidates Linda Pall & Evan Holmes Interviewed

Friday, August 31 Special: Larry Craig Bathroom Scandal

Thursday, August 30 Moscow Urban Renewal Agency Moves Forward with Large Urban Renewal District, Tape of Craig Interrogation has Senator & Police Mostly Disagreeing, Council Candidate Evan Holmes Speaks, WSU Meeting on Golf Course Contentious

Wednesday, August 29 Larry Craig Resigns from Senate Leadership Positions, Randy Stapilus and Liz Brandt Comment on Craig Scandal, Council Candidate Walter Steed Interviewed

Tuesday, August 28 Craig Says He's Not Gay and Decries "Witchhunt", New Evacuations Ordered in Ketchum as Wildfire Kicks Up, City Council Candidate Dan Carscallen Interviewed

Monday, August 27 Larry Craig Pleaded Guilty to Disorderly Conduct in Men's Public Restroom in Lewdness Sting, Council Member Linda Pall Gives Views on Growth, Colfax Property Owners Say They Can Handle Contamination Themselves, Hanford Workers say Radioactive Leak Sickened Them

Friday, August 24 Special: Interviews with City Council Candidates Dan Carscallen, Aaron Ament & Wayne Krauss

Thursday, August 23 Moscow Man Charged in Racist Attack in Lewiston, BSU Announces Ambitious Fund Drive, City Council Candidate Wayne Krauss Gives Views on Growth

Wednesday, August 22 Naylor Farms Appeal Rejected, Rotary Ice Rink Gets 4 Year Special Use Permit, Darrell Kiem Hired as new Chamber of Commerce Director, 2 More Indicate Possible City Council Run

Tuesday, August 21 Agriculture Undersecretary Mark Rey may be Jailed for Contempt, Moscow Council Approves Sidewalk Cafe Ordinance & Votes to Send Stormwater Letter to EPA, WSU Freshman Class Largest Ever

Monday, August 20 Otter Declares Statewide Emergency due to Raging Wildfires, Fire Scorches Hanford Nuclear Reservation, City Council has Full Agenda Tonight

Friday, August 17 Special: County Budget Discussed, and Moscow Council Committee Discusses Avoiding Costly EPA Wastewater Designation

Thursday, August 16 Magistrate Says James Leonard Wil Go on Trial for Voluntary Manslaughter in the Killing of Moscow Resident Tyler Lee, Key Legislative Leaders Say State's Quarter Billion Dollar Surplus Should be Spent on Health Care & Prisons rather than Roads, 280 More Idaho Prisoners to be Moved Out of State

Wednesday, August 15 Federal Judge in Oregon Government Doesn't Have to Include Hatchery Salmon Under ESA , More Info on 9th Circuit Rulings on Hanford Downwinders, Insect Infestation Threatens Moscow Trees

Tuesday, August 14 Water Use Conflict over Proposed WSU 18 Hole Golf Course, Moscow City Government Does Not Want EPA Phase II Wastewater Designation, 9th Circuit Allows Hanford 3 Downwinder Bellwether Cases Thrown Out Last Year to Continue

Monday, August 13 Washington Wildlife Officials to hold Public Hearing on Wolf Plan in Clarkston Tuesday Night, Latah Commissioner Says Legislative Limits Mean Requested $2.50 Hourly Deputy Raise Can't Happen, Sheriff Communications Officer Wants More Christian Deputies, Oregon Medical Marijuana Patients Subpoenaed

Friday, August 10 Moscow City Council Debate on Sidewalk Cafe Licensing, Public Hearing on Rentals in Residential Neighborhoods, Definition of 'Family' and 'Occupancy Unit'

Thursday, August 9 Moscow Planning & Zoning Advances New Rental Limits for Residential Neighborhoods, UI Sandpoint Campus May Open by 2009, Residents Near McCall Evacuated due to 2 Fires

Wednesday, August 8 Mother of Idaho Inmate who Killed Himself in Private Texas Prison Files Claim Against State, Moscow P&Z Public Hearing on Boarding Houses Tonight, Charles Bond Wins North Latah Highway District Election, Salmon Main Stem Closed to Boaters

Tuesday, August 7 City Council Discusses Sidewalk Eatery Licensing Idea, Is Not Able to Clear Budget Yet, Man with Concealed Weapon Tells Moscow Council to Drop Idea of Banning Firearms from City Facilities, Wildlife Biologists says West Nile Threat to Sage Grouse, EPA Head Makes First Visit to Asbestos-Poised Libby, Montana

Monday, August 6 City Council Member Linda Pall Files Candidacy Papers, Council Will Look at Sidewalk Cafes Again Tonight, Four Candidates in Tomorrow's North Latah Highway District Election Interviewed

Friday, August 3 Special: Trinity Festival in Moscow. Celebration by Christ Church Magazine Credenda/Agenda Magazine Draws Out of Towners, Protests. Excerpt of 2003 Doug Wilson Sermon on Moscow and Pullman Being Strategic and Feasible for Takeover, Mark Potok of Southern Poverty Law Center on 2004 Credenda/Agenda History Conference

Thursday, August 2 Fire Heavily Damages UI Sorority, Federal Judge Issues Preliminary Injunction Against Logging in Some Spotted Owl Habitat, Moscow Residents Plan Protest Against Trinity Festival

Wednesday, August 1 Moscow Officials Consider Public Firearms Ban, Aaron Ament to Run for 2nd Term on City Council, WSU Addresses Increase in Disabled Students

Tuesday, July 31 Body of Moscow City Council Member John Dickinson Identified, Head of Washington Toxicology Lab Resigns, Chemical Herbicides to be Used on Area Lakes to Fight Milfoil Infestations

Monday, July 30 Moscow Pullman Highway to be Closed for Blasting Tuesday, Palouse School Districts Work to Improve Math Curriculum, Body Found in Columbia Near Mouth of John Day River, Coeur d'Alene Tribe to Go After Half Billion Dollar Military Contract

Friday, July 27 Special: Moscow City Council Decides on Proposed Budget, Debates Sidewalk Cafe Licensing

Thursday, July 26 Whitman County Water Conservancy Board Approves Water Rights Transfer for Proposed 700,000 Sq. Ft. Hawkins Companies Mall, Next Stop Washington Dept. of Ecoloy, Gov. Otter & Sen. Craig Say Reduced BLM Grazing Contributed to Giant Rangeland Blaze, Idaho Correction Head to Visit Troubled Texas Prison Where Idaho Inmates are Headed

Wednesday, July 25 Moscow School District Lawsuit Hearing Delayed to October, Board Rejects Proposal to Throw Out March Levy, Grazing Regulations Blamed for Massive Southern Idaho Fire, Outfitter Blames Backfire for Loss of Ranch Near Whitebird, Zehm Family to Sue Spokane

Tuesday, July 24 Judge Decides Russell Jury Selection Will Begin in Whitman County Before Change of Venue Request is Decided, Massive Spokane Fire Ruled Suspicious, 1st & 3rd Grade Idaho Students Reading Levels Slips Slightly, Moscow Chamber President Resigns

Monday, July 23 Fires Spur Gov. Otter to Declare State of Emergency in 5 Counties, Protester Accused of Assulting Spokane Police July 4th Pleades Not Guilty, Lawsuit Supporter to Offer Petition for Consiliation at School Board Meeting Tuesday

Friday, July 20 Special: Ben Stewart, Son of Local Residents Dean & Gretchen Stewart, Talks about Training with Al Gore for Global Warming Seminars

Thursday, July 19 A Legal Education Conclave Discusses the Future of the UI Law SchooRep. Sali Wants Military More Like the CIA, Washington State Told to Toughen Standards in Math in Public Schools

Wednesday, July 18 Prosecutors Rebut Change of Venue & Destroyed Blood Sample Arguments from Vehicular Homicide Defendent Frederick Russell's Attorney, Moscow Ice Rink Operators to Request Special Use Permit Renewal from City, CIA Contractor Psychologists from Spokane Accused of Coming Up with Scientific Justification for U.S. Torture

Tuesday, July 17 Moscow Council Agrees on Proposed Budget and Moves Forward on Sidewalk Cafe Licensing, Seattle Food Waste Recycling Program to be Mandatory for Some, New Fires in Southern Idaho

Monday, July 16 Idaho Posts Quarter Billion Dollar Budget Surplus, WSU Police Will Patrol with Tasers Starting Next Month, Younger Adults Are the Least Likely to Have Health Insurance in Idaho

Friday, July 13 Special: Moscow Council Pays for Study of Impact Fees for New Development

Thursday, July 12 First Two Cases of West Nile Virus in Humans in Idaho, Commuter Bus Comes to McCall & Nearby Communities, Preliminary Hearing Extended in Troy Murder Case

Wednesday, July 11 National Prison Contractors Gave $36,000 to Idaho Republican Campaigns in 2006, Campfires are Restricted, Luna Wants More High School Math, Pennsylvania Man on Trial in Pocatello for Helping al-Qaeda

Tuesday, July 10 Moscow Council to Clarify Power to Decide Subdivision Parkland Dedications, Idaho Inmates May Face More Poor Treatment in 'Scandal-Plagued' Texas Prison, Micron Cutting Boise Workforce by 10%

Monday, July 9 Western Watersheds Project Argues for Sage Grouse Endangered Species Act Listing, Interim Legislative Committee on Tax Exemptions to Meet August 1st, Little Oversight Found of Out-of-State Private Prisons Used by Idaho, Superfund Toxic Waste Dump Being Built at Cataldo Said to be Harmful to Neighbors

Friday, July 6 Silver Valley Organizer Says Proposed Toxic Site at Cataldo Being Prepared Before Comment Period Ends; Interview with Barbara Miller

Thursday, July 5 Troy Teen Faces Murder Charges, US Attorney Tom Moss to Take Top Job in Gonzalez Justice Department While Keeping Idaho Job, Leonard Voluntary Manslaughter Hearing Postponed, No Death Penalty in Delling Case in Boise, Spokane Police Arrest 17 at Park Protesting Police Brutality

Wednesday, July 4 Special: Moscow City Council Debate Discussion on Boarding Houses & Rentals in Family Residential Zones, Discussion of Commitment to Reducing Greenhouse Emissions

Tuesday, July 3 Moscow Council Authorizes Funding for Studying Impact Fees, Urban Renewal Projects & City Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Frederick Russel Asks for Change of Venue & Blood Alcohol Tests Thrown Out, Logging Near Bonners Ferry Nixed by Judge

Monday, July 2 Two Deaths in Latah County: One a Firearm Homicide, the Other Termed "Suspicious," Bighorn Sheep Dying from Bacteria, City Council to Consider Final Greensides Hill Plat, Urban Renewal Study Funding & Boarding House Zoning



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