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KRFP Evening Report October-December 2008 News Archive

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Wednesday, Dec 31 More Roofs Collapse Including Post Falls Ice Arena, Interior Department Announces Extensive Gas Drilling in Montana's Powder River Basin, Cox Gets Support for Washington Legislative Seat, Areva Applies for Uranium Enrichment License, City Support for Buy Local Moscow HiFi

Tuesday, Dec 30 Moscow Wants Building Owners to Inspect Roofs, Sidewalks Shoveled, and Unused Vehicles Off Streets, Legislators to Decide Whether Idaho Phosphate Mining Companies Such as Simplot & Monsanto Need to Clean Up Groundwater Under Mine Sites, Washington Electricity Rates to Go Up, Decision on Seattle Viaduct Delayed HiFi

Monday, Dec 29 District 9 Washington Representative Steve Hailey Succumbs to Cancer, Luna Wants Pay-for-Performance Teacher Standards Encoded in Law, Committee Leaders Say Idaho Sales Tax Won't Go Up, Craig Bill Would Allocate Money for Southern Idaho Dam Studies, Feds Soften Stance on Bull Trout Suit in Reaction to Interior Corruption HiFi

Friday, Dec 26 Special: Vandana Shiva at WSU; 2nd Set of Excerpts HiFi

Thursday, Dec 25 Special: Latah County Community Foundation Awards HiFi

Wednesday, Dec 24 Otter Energy Office Wants to Change Rules for Determining Power Rates Due to Infrastructure Improvements, Another Storm Bringing More Snow, Local Residents Attend Town Hall to Send Ideas to Obama, Belknap Updates Committee on Sidewalk Sign Ordinance Changes HiFi

Tuesday, Dec 23 Washington State Employees Union Sues Governor Gregoire Over Elimination of Cost-of-Living Raises, Paradise Path Section Construction Costs Come Down, EPA Says Many Places in West have Too Much Particulate Matter in Air, Forest Service Approves Bison Fence HiFi

Monday, Dec 22 County Wants City to Decide if it Wants to be Involved in 5 County Regional Landfill Project, Weather Troubles Continue, Infrastructure Funding for Corridor & Water Recycling by WSU & Pullman Saved from Gregoire's Budget Axe, Floyd Will Form Board of Advisors for U-District Plan HiFi

Friday, Dec 19 Special: Idaho State Economist Mike Ferguson on Economic Projections HiFi

Thursday, Dec 18 Storm Buries Spokane & Coeur d'Alene, Clogs Palouse, Latah Planning Commission Approves 40 Acre Re-Zone North of Moscow Over Objections, Gregoire Reveals Proposed Two-Year Budget HiFi

Wednesday, Dec 17 House Leader Says 2010 Idaho Budget Could be Down 10% to 20%, UI Deans Talk About Cuts to Their Colleges, 2005 Asotin County Jail Death Suit Settled, Storm Brings Heavy Snow HiFi

Tuesday, Dec 16 Otter Says Agencies Should Cut 2010 Budgets by $169 Million, Parking Committee Leaning Towards 90 Minute Limit Downtown, Meth Lab Clean-Up Contractor Goes to Jail for Improper Storage, Hunting Fees Likely to Go Up, Public Utilities Commission Considering Endorsing Low-Income Power Discount Bill, Latah County Community Foundation Awards $19,000 HiFi

Monday, Dec 15 US Supreme Court Rejects Hanford Contractors Appeal in Downwinders' Case, Low Grades for Idaho Emergency Care, State Economist Predicts Another 13,000 Jobs Lost Next Year HiFi

Friday, Dec 12 Special: ACLU-Idaho Attorneys Pat Costello & Carole Wells HiFi

Thursday, Dec 11 US Senate Report Says Spokane Psychologist Instrumental in Adopting Torture at US Facilities, Interior Official Says Government may not have to List Sage Grouse under Endangered Species Act, UI Commencement might have to Move, Sign Ordinance Gets P&Z Approval, 350 Turn Out for Uranium Enrichment Plant Meeting in Idaho Falls HiFi

Wednesday, Dec 10 Wolves Back on the Endangered Species List Tomorrow, National Resources Defence Council Petitions to put White Bark Pine on Endangered Species List, ACLU Attorneys Tell of New Focus in Idaho, Two Million Dollar State Aquifer Study for Palouse Likely Lost for Now HiFi

Tuesday, Dec 9 Craig Loses Restroom Sex Appeal in Minnesota, Idaho Aquifer Study Money Cut by More Than Half, Litigants in WSU Water Rights Consolidation Case Say Dept. of Ecology Grant to Recycle Water Doesn't Solve Waste Issue, Governor Doesn't Yet Have Numbers to Decide on Possible Benefit Cuts HiFi

Monday, Dec 8 WSU Committee Formed to Decide on Budget Cuts, Protesters Gather in Support of Mexican Nationals Arrested in Nampa ICE Raid, 50-Member INL Team Working on Plutonium Battery to be Shot into Space HiFi

Friday, Dec 5 Special: University of Idaho Provost Doug Baker Speaks on Acadmic Issues HiFi

Thursday, Dec 4 Pullman Hate Crime Investigations Stalled by Lack of Leads, Otter Presents more Details on Transportation Plan to Legislators, I.S.U. to Move Forward with Medical Program Plan HiFi

Wednesday, Dec 3 UI Provost Doug Baker Says He Doesn't Think Those in Arts and Music Progams Have to Worry Much About Re-Prioritization Process, Economy May Delay of Prevent Building of Joint Law Enforcement Center, Schweitzer Moves Forward with New 30,000 Square Foot Building HiFi

Tuesday, Dec 2 Idaho College Presidents Decide Not to Pursue Student Fee Hikes of More than 10%, WSU Plans Specific Numbers of Course Cuts, Council Votes to Negotiate Option to Buy Land for Paradise Path If Idaho Parks Department Grant Is Approved HiFi

Monday, Dec 1 Otter Declares 3% Budget Holdback, Washington Supreme Court Refuses to Reverse Stay of Stenson Execution, Washington Supreme Court Justice Admits he Heckled US Attorney General, Council to Consider Creating Community Housing Development Organization, Wingers Fire Likely Accidental HiFi

Friday, Nov 28 Special: Wolves in Yellowstone & Elsewhere, Extended Excerpt of Talk by Wildlife Writer Gary Ferguson HiFi

Thursday, Nov 27 Special: Election Review HiFi

Wednesday, Nov 26 Newly-Elected U.S. Representative Walt Minnick Tells KRFP He'll Push Biofuels Research in Latah County, Accused Moscow Bank Robber Handed Over to Federal Law Enforcement, Judge Rejects Preliminary Injunction Against Phosphate Mine, Libby Asbestos Class Action Settlement Could Mean $4000 for Homeowners with Zonolite HiFi

Tuesday, Nov 25 Gregoire Announces Additional 260 Million Budget Cut, Washington Death Row Inmate Stenson Gets Stays, Man Shot 20 Times by Boise Police Files Claim Against City, Moscow Public Works Committee Approves Money for Land Trust & Community Housing Development Organization HiFi

Monday, Nov 24 Washington Deficite Could Top 6 Billion, Fife Tells Committee About Progress on Water Sale Legislation, Idaho Labor Department Says Nursing Demand Increase and Sees Increase in Number Claiming Unemployment Benefits Benefits, Spokane Considering Ordinances Targeting Panhandlers & Those Who Sit or Lie on Sidewalks HiFi

Friday, Nov 21 Special: Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater in Northern Idaho, Council Hears Safety Improvement Plans for Pullman Highway Crosswalk, Mountain View & White Ave. Intersection Discussed, Gary Ferguson on Wolves' Impact on Ecosystems HiFi

Thursday, Nov 20 Bush Attempt to End Endangered Species Act Consultation Expected by Tomorrow, 20% Budget Cuts in Washington Expected, Proposed Whitman County Wind Turbine Ordinance Causes Friction at Public Works Meeting, Idaho Medicaid Database has Many Errors HiFi

Wednesday, Nov 19 Idaho Congress Members Optimistic About Chances for 2 Idaho Wilderness Bills Next Year, EPA will Expand Coeur d'Alene Basin Clean-UP, NOAA Fisheries Says Farmers Must Increase Pesticide Buffers to Protect Salmon, Pullman Police Have Preliminary Contract with City HiFi

Tuesday, Nov 18 Police Prefer US Highway 95 North Location for Joint Law Enforcement Center, Women Found Dead in Arizona Were Wanted for Questioning in 1996 Pullman Murder, WSU President Floyd Expects Major Program Cuts HiFi

Monday, Nov 17 Sen. Reid of Nevada Says Filibuster Threats will Stop Congress From Considering Omnibus Lands Bill This Year, Judge Orders Psych Tests for Accused Murderer Delling, UI Interim President Says Program Cuts Coming, UI Staff Snubbed in Presidential Search HiFi

Friday, Nov 14 Special: International Biodiversity Activist Vandana Shiva Speaks at WSU the Day After the Election. Half Hour Version HiFi For Full Speech Go To Audio Page

Thursday, Nov 13 Timothy Kellis Sentenced to 9 Life Sentences for Molesting 4 Boys, Joint Interim Legislative Committee Recommends New Medical School at ISU, Bonner County Sign with Noose Advertises Public Hanging & Mentions President Elect, P&Z Will Consideder Changes in Portable Sign Rules HiFi

Wednesday, Nov 12 New Motion Filed Against Sandpoint US 95 Bypass, Public Works Department Says No Need for 4-Way Stop at Morton & Adams, Attorney Says Man Found Dead in Recycled Paper Died of Crushing, Utah Activists to Try for 5 Gay Rights Bills HiFi

Tuesday, Nov 11 More Budget Cuts Hinted At in Idaho, WSU Liberal Arts College Freezes Hiring, Private Property Rights Groups & Enviro Groups Both Split on Owyhee Wilderness Bill, Hoch Assigned to Tri-Cities HFi

Monday, Nov 10 Judge Dismissed Age Discrimination Against UI, Idahoans Put $40,000 into California Anti-Gay Initiative, Administrative Committee Hears Reports on Joint Law Enforcement Center and Proposed Urban Renewal District Overlay Zone, U-District Decision Delayed for More Input HiFi

Friday, Nov 7 Special: Palouse Water Conservation Network Presentation on Aquifer Modeling HiFi

Thursday, Nov 6 Indian Physicist & Biodiversity Activist Vandana Shiva Tells WSU Crowd About the System Behind World Food & Climate Crisis, Southern Idaho Commission Rejects Re-Zone for Nuclear Power Plant, Alleged Moscow Bank Robber to Fight Extradition, Idaho Prison Boss to Terminate Out-of-State Private Prison Contract HiFi

Wednesday, Nov 5 Interviews with Winners and Losers in Local Races, Incumbents Win in Latah County, Minnick, Risch and Gregoire Win HiFi

Tuesday, Nov 4 Arrest Made in Moscow Band Robbery, UI Issues Cease & Desist Order against Latah County Republicans over UI Slogan in Campaign Mailing, City Council Sends Portable Sign Rule Revisions to Planning and Zoning Commission

Monday, Nov 3 Bank Robbery in Downtown Moscow This Afternoon, US Fish and Wildlife Service Taking Public Comments on Second Attempt to De-List Wolves, City Council to Discuss Portable Sign Ordinance, Whitman Commissioners to Discuss Zoning Code Details regarding Wind Turbines

Friday, Oct 31 Special: League of Women Voters Candidates Forum Highlights

Thursday, Oct 30 Area Candidates Talk Rural Economy & Water at Last Night's League of Women Voters Forum, Governor's Race in Washington Down to the Wire, INL Contractor Employee Who Blew Whistle on Mishandling of Radioactive Waste Files Retaliation Complaint

Wednesday, Oct 29 Hundreds Rally at WSU Against Anti-Gay & Anti-Transgender Violence, Moscow School Board Approves MPD School Resource Officer Position, Rossi Gives Testy Deposition on Builders' Association Campaign Finance

Tuesday, Oct 28 US Supreme Court Won't Hear Appeal of Canyon County Suit Against Businesses that Allegedly Hire Illegal Aliens, House Candidates Ringo & Hassoldt Differ on Education Issues, Union Reaches Preliminary Agreement in Boeing Machinists Strike, Council Committee Recommends Rolling Back Charter School Gym Fees

Monday, Oct 27 Bridge Under Construction in Boise Collapses Injuring 14, Modeling Size of Aquifers Discussed, City Committee Sends Portable Sign Issue to Full Council, Rossi Must Give Deposition in Campaign Funding Suit

Friday, Oct 24 Special: AARP Candidates' Forum

Thursday, Oct 23 Two Pullman Assaults This Week Have Target the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Community and Third May be Related, Latah County Sheriffs Candidates Dispute at Troy Forum, Elk City Residents Organize Against Proposed Cyanide Leach Mine

Wednesday, Oct 22 Northern Idaho Commissioners Express Concern Over Tribal Control of Lake Coeur d'Alene, Work on 192 Unit Housing Project in Moscow Stopped, Sheriff Canddiate Running for Reelection Speaks on DUI, Tasers and Reacts to Opponent's Insinuations

Tuesday, Oct 21 Wal-Mart Will Begin Building Pullman Super Center Next Year, Moscow Council Tells staff to Continue Effort to Change State Law Regarding Municipal Water Sales Across State Line, Idaho House Candidates Trail and Brown Disagree on Education Issues, Craig Reacts to BLM/UI Report on Murphy Complex Fire

Monday, Oct 20 Cloud Seeding Planned for Eastern Idaho, Local Candidates Speak Up at AARP Forum, City Council to Consider Changes to Home Occupation Ordinance, Idaho to Delay Selling GARVEE Bonds, Forecasters Unsure on Area Winter

Friday, Oct 17 Special: Hunger on the Palouse

Thursday, Oct 16 WSU Finance VP Royer Responds to Provost Hoch's Accusations of Assault, Jury Finds Coe a Violent Sexual Predator in Spokane Civil Containment Trial, Forest Service Finishes Idaho Roadless Plan, Hunger on the Palouse Discussed

Wednesday, Oct 15 Missing Aghanis Found in Canada, Census Prisoner Counts Skews Population and Legislative Districts, Pullman Adjusts 2009 Budget, Latah Commission Candidates Sound off US 95 Route, Indigent Care and Mining on KRFP Forum

Tuesday, Oct 14 Wolves off Endangered Species List as of Today, Moscow School District Considering Reducing History Requirement for High School Grads, Judge Rules against 6000 Republican Voter Challenges in Montana, County Garbage Pick-Up Fee Increase Proposed, County Prosecutor Candidates Discuss Jail Proposal, Misdemeanor Probation, Other Issues on KRFP

Monday, Oct 13 Moscow Council Committee Considers Gender Identity in Hiring, Seattle Times Reports Physical Altercation Preceded Hoch Leave of Absense, IDT Traffic Engineer says Pullman Highway / Peterson Drive Crosswalk does not Meet Federal Criteria for Traffic Light

Friday, Oct 10 Special: UI Say No to Hate Rally, Kamiak Butte Water Recharge Study

Thursday, Oct 9 Micron to Lay Off 1500 in Idaho, UI Announces List of Criteria for Strategic Prioritization of Departments, Voter Registration up Sharply, Psychologist says Kevin Coe Likely to Reoffend

Wednesday, Oct 8 UI Community Plans Rally in Support of Harassed Gay UI Student, WSU Plans on More Budget Cuts, UI Professor Tells Water Summit Aquifer may be Much Larger than Most Hydrologists Believe

Tuesday, Oct. 7 Moscow Will Appeal 2007 Census Numbers Giving Nightclub Owner a Chance at Liquor License, City Council Instructs Staff to Investigate Ways to Sell Water for Hawkins, Gregoire Says She'll Budget for Infrastructure in Corridor, Council Discusses Dangerous Pullman Highway Crosswalk, Silos Beer & Wine License Upheld, Gay UI Student Harassed, Spokane Council Approves Police Oversight Plan

Monday, Oct. 6 UI to Give Airport Operational Money, UI Student Hit in Pullman Highway Crosswalk, Whitman County will not Enter into Water Sale Agreement with Moscow, Mother of GI Featured in Movie "Body of War" Answers Questions from Moscow Film Audience

Friday, Oct. 3 Special: US Senate Debate at the University of Idaho

Thursday, Oct. 2 Senate Version of Bailout Bill Includes Timber Money for Rural Counties, WSU President Floyd says Economic Adjustment Should Not Impact Programs, US Senate Candidates Debate at UI

Wednesday, Oct. 1 Investigative Journalist Jeremy Scahill Tells Audience to be Wary of Blackwater's Intentions in Northern Idaho, UI President Tells Faculty to Continue with Re-Prioritization Plan for University Programs, Whitman County Won't Sue State over Denied Infrastructure Grant


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