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KRFP Evening Report January-March 2009 News Archive

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Friday, Mar 20 Special: Washington Post Environmental Reporter Juliet Eilperin Speaks in Moscow HiFi

Thursday, Mar 19 Idaho House Kills Otter's Gas Tax Bill, US Senate Approves Omnimbus Wilderness Bill, Small Changes in Idaho Open Meetings Law Approved by Senate, Peace Coalition Vigil Marks 6th Anniversary of Iraq War HiFi

Wednesday, Mar 18 Alleged Pullman Shooter Waives Extradition, Bill to Streamline Out of State Water Sales Dies in Committee, Phamacist Conscience Bill Makes out of Committee HiFi

Tuesday, Mar 17 City Council Will Fund Floodplain Study, Two Moscow Men Arrested in Pullman Shooting, Former W.R. Grace Employee Testifies Hamsters Developed Asbestos-Related Disease after being Injected with Libby Vermiculite in 1970's HiFi

Monday, Mar 16 Governor Otter Offers Compromise Gax Tax Increase Bill, Congress to Consider Allowing Summer Recreation at Ski Resorts on Federal Land, Chief US Supreme Court Justice Roberts Visits Moscow and Reacts to Proposed Supreme Court Changes, Spokane Police Officer Found Not Guilty of Felony Assault & Reckless Endangerment After Shooting Man in the Head While Drunk HiFi

Friday, Mar 13 Special: Gov. C.L. Butch Otter's Press Conference on Stimulus Spending HiFi

Thursday, Mar 12 UI Presidential Candidate Nellis Drops Out, Otter Releases Stimulus Recipient List, Day Care Licensing Bill Passes Idaho Senate HiFi

Wednesday, Mar 11 Omnibus Lands Bill Fails in U.S. House, Governor Proposes Revamp of Liquor Licensing Laws, UI Faculty Opposes Elimination of 2 Programs, Anderson Group Member Tells of Development Plan for Grain Elevators at 6th & Jackson HiFi

Tuesday, Mar 10 Moscow Might Move to Build Law Enforcement Center without Latah County, State Senate Votes to Reduce Medicaid Budget by $10.4 Million, Health & Welfare Chief Says Idaho Should Allow Food Stamp Recipients to Have More Assets, Washington Post Enironmental Reporter Visiting Moscow Says Wolf De-Listing May Have Been Political Expedient Decision HiFi

Monday, Mar 9 Draft Plan for Legacy Crossing Overlay District Presented, W.R. Grace Wants Prosecution Expert Witness Excluced from Trial, Otter will Accept $1 Billion Stimulus, Reaction to Wolf De-Listing HiFi

Friday, Mar 6 Special: UI Waters of the West Program Director Ian Bolls HiFi

Thursday, Mar 5 Moscow Food Coop Candidates Talk Sustainability, Affordability, and Labor Issues, Pullman Highway Traffic Light at Peterson Drive May be Built this Year, State Recieves 1049 Requests for Stimulus Money HiFi

Wednesday, Mar 4 UI Faculty Council Votes to Axe 12 Programs, Waters of the West Director Says His Program Safe for Now, Obama Memo & Supreme Court Decision on Land Policy Could Impact Wildlands in Region, Former Nez Perce County Sheriff in Custody Accused of Helping Burglar HiFi

Tuesday, Mar 3 UI Tuition Amendment Passes Senate, Moscow Council Declines to Add Gender Identity to City Non-Discrimination Policy & Decides to Hold Off On $30,000 Facilities Study, Midwifery Bill Passes House, Idaho Transportation Board Releases Final Stimulus List HiFi

Monday, Mar 2 WR Grace Asbestos Trial Continues in Missoula, Idaho Lawmakers Surposed that Stimulus Transportation Money Can be Used for Road Maintenance, Moscow Council to Consider List of 'Shovel Ready' Stimulus Projects, UI Tuition Constitutional Amendment Approved by Senate Committee HiFi

Friday, Feb 27 Special: Moscow Administrative Committee Discusses adding Gender Identity to City Non-Discrimination Policy, State of the City Q&A Pt.1 HiFi

Thursday, Feb 26 UI Undergrad Physics Degree will Stay For Now, Idaho House Delays Vote on Gas Tax Increase, Moscow Finance Director says City Doesn't Need to Cut Budget any More This Fiscal Year HiFi

Wednesday, Feb 25 U-District Defeated by Pullman City Council, UI Administration to Ask for 8.46% Fee Increase, Beer and Wine Tax Increase Killed in Committee, W.R. Grace Asks Judge for Acquittal in Asbestos Case HiFi

Tuesday, Feb 24 Tax Committee Postpones Vote on State Beer & Wine Tax Increase After Mixed Testimony, Stimulus Money Won't Prevent Idaho Budget Cuts, W.R. Grace Asbestos Exposure Trial Opens in Missoula, Lynx Habitat to Increase 20 Fold HiFi

Monday, Feb 23 City Administrative Committee Considers Adding Gender Identity to City Non-Discrimination Policy, State Won't Protect Gays from Discrimination, State Unveils Snake River Aquifer Plan, Locke Reportedly Tapped for Commerce, Otter Says Idaho will Accept Stimulus Money but Warns it May Raise Expectations for Continuing Programs HiFi

Friday, Feb 20 Special: State of the City Address HiFi

Thursday, Feb 19 Idaho Universities Looking at Ways to Get Stimulus Money, Federal Judge Warns Idaho Prison Officials to End Overcrowding, WSU Environmental Studies Chair Talks about Costs of Climate Change, Obit: "Bill" Klontz HiFi

Wednesday, Feb 18 State of the City: Moscow Mayor Predicts Local Economy will Weather Economic Recession, U.S. Rep. Walt Minnick Backs Further Bank Bailout, Moscow City Council Gives Staff Direction on Catering Permits HiFi

Tuesday, Feb 17 White House Says Stimulus Bill Could Provide 18,000 Jobs in Idaho, Otter Announces Stimulus Spending Plan for State, Latah County Officials See Little Hope in Extending Local Option Taxing Authority that Could be Used to Fund Joint Law Enforcement Center HiFi

Monday, Feb 16 Idaho Legislature Delays Budget Actions until Stimulus Impact is Known, Lawmakers say Transportation Stimulus Money Won't Help Idaho's Road Maintenance Needs, UI Tuition Constitutional Amendment Introduced, Municipal Water Sale Reform Passes Senate HiFi

Friday, Feb 13 Special: Frontrunner Finalists for the University of Idaho Presidency Nellis & Dooley HiFi

Thursday, Feb 12 US Fish & Wildlife Service to Decide Whether to List Pika under Endangered Species Act, WSU Student Govnerment Leaders Support U-District Idea, WSU Board of Regents Approves Early Retirement Incentive Program HiFi

Wednesday, Feb 11 Planned Palouse Prairie Charter School Gets City Conditional Use Permit, 32 Million Acre Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act Introduced Again, Scientific Team Paints Grim Picture of Northwest in Next 50 Years Due to Climate Change HiFi

Tuesday, Feb 10 Governor Introduces Transportation Funding Legislation, Hailey Medical Marijuana Law Struck Down, Moscow Hurries to Make Paradise Path Agreement with School District before Grant Deadline, UI Presidential Candidate Speaks on Agriculture, Athletics and How Long He'll Hold Job HiFi

Monday, Feb 9 UI Presidential Candidate Says Reprioritization Process Should not Wait, Moscow Economic Director Hire Questioned, Environmental Groups Want Federal Wolf Panel Without Fish & Wildlife Service Scientists HiFi

Friday, Feb 6 Special: UI Conservation Professor Gary Machlis on the Social Impacts of Global Climate Change HiFi

Thursday, Feb 5 Idaho House Speaker to Block Local Option Tax Bills, Bill Making it Easier for Municipalities to Sell Water Outside Service Area Passes Senate, UI Conservation Professor Gary Machliss Tells of Social Impact of Climate Change HiFi

Wednesday, Feb 4 UI Faculty Approve Resolution Supporting Collective Bargaining, Idaho Department of Administration Director Wants 69% Budget Increase, Pullman City Council Approves Stormwater Infrastructure Fee, UI Presidential Candidate Duane Nellis Visits Campus HiFi

Tuesday, Feb 3 Idaho-based National Guard Unit May be Sent Back to Iraq or Sent to Afghanistan Next Year, Department of Education will not Ask for Idaho Money to Track Students This Year, City Council Hears Annual 1912 Center Report, Idaho Congressional Delegation & Governor Send Letter to Obama Asking for Wolf Delisting HiFi

Monday, Feb 2 Idaho Correction Director Tells Legislators of Plans for Privatizing Orofino Prison, Schroder Introduces Bill to Deport Wolves, Ron Sims Tapped as HUD Deputy Secretary, Idaho Association of Commerce & Industry Wants More Business Property Tax Exemptions HiFi

Friday, Jan 30 Special: Moscow Civic Association Forum "Keep the Dream Alive in Your Town: How You Can Effect Positive Change HiFi

Thursday, Jan 29 Luna Proposes $62 Million Cut in State Public School Funding, Avista VP Defends Proposed Power Rate Increases, Psychologists Say Delling May be Well Enough to Face Murder Charges HiFi

Wednesday, Jan 28 UI Faculty asked to Consider Support for Collective Bargaining Bill, UI Presidential Search Committee Announces 5 Finalists, PBAC Says Groundwater Use Has Declined in Moscow & Pullman HiFi

Tuesday, Jan 27 Idaho Ed Board Directs 3 Universities to Collaborate on Medical School Plan, Legal Agreements for Same Sex Couples Discussed, Luna Submits Proposals to Save Education Money HiFi

Monday, Jan 26 UI Interim President Daley-Laursen Outlines Budget Woes to Legislative Committee, City Council Administrative Committee Still Needs More Info About Solid Waste Proposals, Avista to Request Rate Increases, SWAT Team Searches Pullman Fraternity HiFi

Friday, Jan 23 Special: UI Political Science Department Chair Don Crowley on Obama Presidency HiFi

Thursday, Jan 22 Legislative Budget Writers Cut $1.6 Million in UI Deferred Maintenance, 268 Former UI Employees Raise $25,000 for Class Action Suit, Washington to Ban Toxic Flame Retardant Material HiFi

Wednesday, Jan 21 Floyd wants U-District Memorandum of Understanding instead of Interlocal Agreement, Grey Wolf Delisting Delayed for Review by Obama, Moscow Council Told of Conservative 2009 Projections and Discusses Impact of Parked Cars on Snow Removal, Idaho Health & Welfare Expects $210 Million Shortfall HiFi

Tuesday, Jan 20 UI Releases List of 60 Programs that Could be Cut, Idaho Legislators Wary of Proposed Tax Commission Rules for Secret Tax Settlements, Idaho Lawmakers Proposes Cell Phone Ban for Drivers, 4 Women Tell of their Expereinces Organizing for Positive Change in Moscow HiFi

Monday, Jan 19 Environmental Groups Sue Feds over Idaho Roadless Plan and over New Wolf De-Listing, Elson Floyd to Present U-District Proposal to Pullman Council Again, Idaho Transportation Audit Released, Cox to Return to Washington Legislature HiFi

Friday, Jan 16 Special: Rep. Shirley Ringo of Moscow interviewed about 2009 Legislative Session, the state's Financial Crisis and Upcoming Issues HiFi

Thursday, Jan 15 EPA Reports Widespread Toxic Pollution in Columbia Basin, New Federal Wolf Delisting Not Last Word, US Army Corps of Engineers Action Results in Flooding of Pacific, WA HiFi

Wednesday, Jan 14 Mayor Nancy Chaney Plans to Run for Reelection, Moscow Chamber Chooses Steven Hacker Executive Director, UI Political Science Chair Don Crowley Assesses the Challenges Facing the Obama Administration, Local Legislators Criticize Otter's Emphasis on Roads HiFi

Tuesday, Jan 13 Democrats Oppose Otter's Emphasis on Roads over Health & Education, Moscow Council Members Talk Legislative Priorities, Spokane Man Shot by Drunk Off Duty Cop Files $750,000 Claim Against City HIFi

Monday, Jan 12 Idaho Legislature Opens with Otter Proposing Deep Budget Cuts in State of the State Address, Unemployment Up in Region, Moscow Administrative Committee has Many Questions Before Joining 5 County Regional Landfill Project, CIEDRA Land Give-Aways Opposed, Study Finds Bison Unlikely to Spread Brucellosis HiFi

Friday, Jan 9 Special: Pro-Gay Marriage Rally in Moscow held after Proposition 8 Passed in California HiFi

Thursday, Jan 8 Rep. Ringo Fights Thyroid Cancer but Says Disease Should have Mimimal Impact on her Work In Legislature, CIEDRA Foe says Central Idaho Wilderness Will Be Managed Differently Than Others, Otter Declines to Endorse Transportation Board's 6 Priority Projects HiFi

Wednesday, Jan 7 Flooding Warnings Continue, Central Idaho Wilderness Bill Reintroduced in Congress, Little to be Lieutenant Governor, Seattle Gay Bars Threatened with Ricin Poisonings, Earthquake Swarm Hits Yellowstone HiFi

Tuesday, Jan 6 Flood Warning in 8 Counties, Plum Creek Says it Doesn't Need Bad PR and Will Not Pursue Changes in Easement Rules that Would Allow Paved Forest Service Roads, Moscow Council Hears New Noise Ordinance Figures HiFi

Monday, Jan 5 Snow Across Palouse Closes Schools and Roads with Rain and Possible Flooding on the Way, Cox Top Choice to Replace Hailey, New Law Impacting UI Student Residency, Rey's Behind Closed Doors Negotiations with Plum Creek Could Result in 900 Miles of Paved Forest Service Roads in Western Montana, Alliance for Wild Rockies Settles Lawsuit with Forest Service Over Moose Creek Sale HiFi

Friday, Jan 2 Special: Rhonda Abrams speaking at the 2008 Athena Women's Leadership Conference at the University of Idaho on Women Entrepreneurs: Taking the Leap into Leadership. Recorded by Tara Malmquist HiFi

Thursday, Jan 1 Special: Noam Chomsky at WSU HiFi


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