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KRFP Evening Report July-September 2009 News Archive

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Wednesday, Sep 30 Legislative Task Force Delays State Police and Parks Tax Shift, Judge Hears Arguments for Summary Judgement in UI Retiree Class Action Suit, Four Dams Scheduled to be Removed from Klamath River HiFi

Tuesday, Sep 29 East Mission Flats Reposity at Cataldo Takes First Shipment, Moscow Committee Approves Changes to Snow Removal Code, Washington Supreme Court Chief Justice Retiring HiFi

Monday, Sep 28 Moscow Resident Silas Parks Pleads Not Guilty to 2 Murder Charges Stemming from Death of his Wife Sarah, Moscow Committee Votes to Allocate Palouse Path Station Design Money, First H1N1 Death Reported in Idaho HiFi

Friday, Sep 25 Special: Interview with Moscow City Council Candidate Nels Reece, Deborah Coons-Garcia on GMO's HiFi

Thursday, Sep 24 Idaho Has 9th Highest Gas Prices in Nation, Washingtonians May Get More Mercury than Usual with Their Swine Flu Vaccine, Human Rights Teacher Finds Noose on Porch of Her Spokane Home, Eastern Washington Mental Health Facility CEO Resigns in Wake of Mentally Ill Killer Escape, Jerry Garcia's Widow Presents The Future of Food Film in Moscow HiFi

Wednesday, Sep 23 Smaller Drop in Enrollment than Expected for Moscow School District, Federal Prosecutors Outline Upcoming Testimony in a Trial of Spokane Officer Accused of Excessive Force in the Killing of Otto Zehm, Interview with City Council Candidate Walter Steed HiFi

Tuesday, Sep 22 Legislative Revenue Shift to Pay For Road Maintenance May be Revoked due to State Revenue Gaps, School Rainy Day Fund has 42 Million Dollars Less, Moscow City Council Sends Paradise Path Station Planning Back to Committee, City Closer to EPA-Mandated to Phase II Stormwater Plan, Many Latah County Speed Limits not Enforceable, Former Radio Free Moscow Host Tells of Having His Kitchen Bus Confiscated by Pittsburgh Police at G20 Protests HiFi

Monday, Sep 21 Federal Judge Reinstates Protections for Yellowstone Grizzly Bears Due to Climate Change Concerns, Escaped Mentally Ill Killer Arrested Near Goldendale, Moscow City Council to Consider EPA-Mandated Stormwater Improvement Program Tonight, Idaho Legislators Consider How to Deal with New Revenue Drops HiFi

Friday, Sep 18 Special: Interviews with Moscow City Council Candidates Walter Steed and Timothy Brown HiFi

Thursday, Sep 17 Ed Board Tells Colleges to Prepare for 4% to 6% Holdbacks, Man Described as Criminally Insane Mental Patient Reported on the Loose After Fleeing Handlers at Spokane County Fair, Whitman County Planning Commission Delays Decision on Wind Turbine Ordinance Pending More Public Input, Judge Lodge Tosses Religious Discrimination Lawsuit Against Boise Rescue Mission HiFi

Wednesday, Sep 16 Smaller UI Classes May Fall to Budget Cut Axe, First Wolf Killed in Montana Hunting Season, Boise Ombudsperson Clears 2 Officers Who Shot Man 20 Times, US Fish & Wildlife Service Says Southern Idaho Snale River Snail Will Remain Protected, Interview with City Council Candidate Sue Scott HiFi

Tuesday, Sep 15 Obama Administration Releases its Salmon Plan, 300 Tribal Leaders Meet with EPA Regional Officials in Lewiston, Idaho Retools Program for Severely Disabled Children, Federal Stimulus Money to Pay for Moscow Bus Shelters and Paving Approved, Interview with City Council Candidate Dennis Deccio HiFi

Monday, Sep 14 Idaho Department Correction Settles with Family of Idaho Inmate Who Killed Himself in a Private Prison in Texas, Moscow Administrative Committee Approves Funding for Latah Trail Rest Station, Federal Prosecutor Accuses Spokane City Attorney of Undermining Investigation of Police Officer Involved in Killing Otto Zehm HiFi

Friday, Sep 11 Special: Full City Council Candidate Interviews with Scott Billing & Dennis Deccio HiFi

Thursday, Sep 10 University of Idaho Student in Critical Condition in Second Fall from a Fraternity 3rd Story Window this Semester, Two Medical Marijuana Distributors Arrested by Spokane Police, Interview with Moscow City Council Candidate Scott Billing, Spokane Officer Aquitted of Kicking Handcuffed Man on the Ground in the Face HiFi

Wednesday, Sep 9 Federal Judge says Wolf Hunts Can Continue, Injured Latah County Sheriff was Going 83 Miles Per Hour When He Crashed, 9000 WSU Students May Get Swine Flu Before Outbreak Ends, Spokane Police Testify that Fellow Officer Kicked Handcuffed Man on the Ground in the Face HiFi

Tuesday, Sep 8 Former University of Idaho Student Al-Kidd Can Sue John Ashcroft over Detention, WSU H1N1 Outbreak Subsides Somewhat, Former State Board of Education Member Blake Hall Investigated. HiFi

Monday, Sep 7 Labor Day Special: Rep. Walt Minnick Town Hall Meeting Pt. 2 HiFi

Friday, Sep 4 Special: H1N1
Flu outbreak on University of Idaho and WSU Campuses, Radio Towers Destroyed in Snohomish County, Stadium Road Extension Scheduled for Construction, City Council Candidate Sue Scott Interviewed HiFi

Thursday, Sep 3 Another Round of Holdbacks Possible as State Revenue Projections Decline by 6.8%, Two Confirmed Cases of H1N1 in Whitman County, New Attorneys Assigned in Two Moscow Murder Cases, Moscow Developer to Repeal Denial of Agricultural Exemption HiFi

Wednesday, Sep 2 Canadian Inventor Sues University of Idaho over Alleged Misuse of Mustard Seed Patent, Pro-Health Care Reform Demonstration in Boise Shouted Down with Cries of 'Socialists!', Latah County Delays Signing Federal Building Office Lease, Proposed Whitman County Wind Turbine Ordinance Certificate of Non-Significance Heading to Superior Court HiFi

Tuesday, Sep 1 Two Wolves Killed on First Day of Idaho Hunting Season, Public Charter School Sues Idaho Saying it has the Right to Use Bible as Text, Washington Referendum 71 Restricting Domestic Partnership Rights is Approved for November Ballot, Second Woman who Reported WSU Campus Assault Recants HiFi

Monday, Aug 31 Republicans Condemn Unrepentant Candidate from their Party who Made 'Obama Tags' Comment, Idaho and Coeur d'Alene Tribe Begin Implementing Lake Coeur d'Alene Clean-Up Plan, New Candidate in Moscow City Council Race HiFi

Friday, Aug 28 Special: Excerpts from U.S. Rep. Walt Minnick's Town Hall Meeting in Moscow HiFi

Thursday, Aug 27 Minnick Talks Health Care at Moscow Town Hall, WSU Health Officials say Swine Flu may be Prevelent on Campus in a Few Weeks, Washington Group Files Suit Over Referendum 71 Signatures, Spokane Man Charged with Threatening Late Term Abortion Doctor in Colorado HiFi

Wednesday, Aug 26 Minnick Gets Earful From Anti-Public Option Forces in Crowd at Coeur d'Alene Town Hall, Washington Medical Marijuana Supplier Busted with 4 Pounds in Oregon, Moscow School District H1N1 Plan Announced, Idaho Education to Get $10 Million in Stimulus Money for Underperforming Schools HiFi

Tuesday, Aug 25 Landowner Opposes Troy-Kendrick Trail Idea, UI to Hold Public Hearings on Future of Ag Research Centers, City Committee Appoves Recycling Program for Events Held on City Property HiFi

Monday, Aug 24 Federal Court Hearing Set on Wolf Hunt Injunction Request, Two Similar Late Night Assaults on WSU Campus in a Week, Moscow Public Works Committee Recommends Some Changes in Snow Removal Policy HiFi

Friday, Aug 21 Special: Repostitory at Cataldo Could Receive Heavy Metals Starting Next Week as EPA Superfund Administrator Considers Inspector General's Report, Audio From City's Smoking Ordinance Hearing July 20th HiFi

Thursday, Aug 20 Latah County Obtains Land for Extending Latah Trail Beyond Troy, Environmenal Groups Seek Injunction Against Idaho and Montana Wolf Hunts, Fired Idaho Transportation Department Pam Lowe Files Whistleblower Complaint against State Alleging She Was Fired for Political Reasons HiFi

Wednesday, Aug 19 Fagan & Hailey Lead in Washington 9th Legislative District Primary, UI Wants State Board of Education to Approve Rule Requiring Freshman to Live on Campus, Former Nez Perce County Sheriff Does not Remember Receiving Injuries in Custody, More Details on Delling Sentencing HiFi

Tuesday, Aug 18 John Delling Sentenced to Two Life Sentences with No Parole for Moscow and Boise Murders, US Fish & Wildlife Announces 29 Species Under Consideration for Federal Protection, Wolf Advocates to Decide on Suit Against Idaho Hunting Season in Next Few Days, City Council Approves Money for Sojourner Alliance Repairs HiFi

Monday, Aug 17 Idaho Fish & Game Commission Decides 220 Wolves can be Killed in State Hunting Season, Spokane County Phosphorous Levels Drop Sharply Since Dishwasher Soap Ban, Rebecca Miles Named Nez Perce Tribe Executive Director, Moscow City Council to Consider Helping Sojourners Alliance with Repairs Tonight, Palouse Pride Attracts at least 200 HiFi

Friday, Aug 14 Special: Second Excerpt from Army Sgt. & Gitmo Defense Attorney David Fract Speaking at UI Law School. For Entire Presentation by Fract go Here HiFi

Thursday, Aug 13 Obama Administration Will Defend Clinton Raodless Rule in Federal Court in Wyoming, Governor Butch Otter Says He Intends to Run for Re-election, Washington 9th Legislative District Candidates Offer Views on Economy and Agriculture HiFi

Wednesday, Aug 12 Ninth Legislative District Legislative Candidates Differ on Health Care, Two Newcomers Enter the Race for Moscow City Council, Latah County Sheriff Wayne Rasuch Wants County Noise Ordinance Similar to Moscow's Where Police Do Not Need a Citizen Complaint to Issue a Citation HiFi

Tuesday, Aug 11 Department of Energy & Washington State Announce Binding Hanford Clean-up Schedule, Northwest Power and Conservation Council Report Says 85% of New Northwest Power Needs in Next 290 Years Should Come from Conservation, Moscow Committee Approves Money for Sojourners Alliance Repairs HiFi

Monday, Aug 10 Former Nez Perce County Sheriff Dorion Sentenced to 2-5 Years for Accessory to Burglary, BLM Syas Liner at Monsanto's Southeastern Idaho Phosphate Mine Will Prevent Selenium Contamination, Moscow Administrative Committee Approves Acceptance of Federal Stimulus Money for Police Cruiser Communication System, Latah Commissioners Approve Budget with $20,000 for Latah Economic Development Council HiFi

Friday, Aug 7 Hate Crimes in Coeur d'Alene & Spokane may be Connected, State Makes Sheep Management Deals with 11 Herders, Special: Global Health Office Director Niel Arya Speaks on Building Health & Building Peace at UI Borah Symposium HiFi

Thursday, Aug 6 Greater Yellowston Coalition to Appeal Federal Judge's Ruling Allowing Southeastern Idaho Phosphate Mine, Three Former Northwest Governors Sign Letter to Obama Calling for Overhaul of Salmon Debate, Idaho Settles Lawsuit with Two Transgendered Inmates who Self-Castrated, Gritman & 2 Other Entities Open First Dialysis Center on Palouse HiFi

Wednesday, Aug 5 Tri-Cities Commercial Nuclear Reactor Shut Down by Fire, 9th Circuit Revives Clinton Roadless Rule for National Forests, Obama May Visit Montana Next Week, Silas Parks Gets New Attorney for Murder Case, Latah Commissioner Says He Might Have Hard Time Convincing Other Commissioners to Vote for Funding Latah Economic Development Council, Deputy Coroner Says 12 Story Fatal Fall from Coeur d'Alene Resort Likely Accidental HiFi

Tuesday, Aug 4 Central Washington Member of Congress Hastings to Fight McDermott's Snake River Bill Allowing for Dam Breaching, Otter Extends Childhood Vaccination Program, Coeur d'Alene Sues Local Police over Videotaped Search She Says Included Groping, Moscow City Council Approves 2010 Fiscal Year Budget and Smoking Ban Fines HiFi

Monday, Aug 3 Delling Pleads Guilty to 2nd Degree Murder in Killing of UI Student David Boss in 2007, Environmental Groups File Motion to Intervene in Snowmobile Groups Lawsuit Against Fish and Wildlife Service Over Lynx Habitat, City Council to Set Fines for Violations of Newly-Enacted Smoking Ban HiFi

Friday, Jul 31 Special: Moscow Public Works Committee Discusses Ending Efforts to Sell Water for Hawkings Development HiFi

Thursday, Jul 30 Montana Activists Plan to Picket Baucus PAC Fundraiser in Big Sky Over Health Care Legislation Issues, State Environmental Board Votes to Draft More Stringent Mercury Emissions Standards, Pullman Wal-Mart Super Center Site Plan Approved, Water Resources Enforcement Officers Plan to Check Compliance with Southern Idaho Pumping Shutdown Tomorrow HiFi

\Wednesday, Jul 29 Moscow School District Expects Enrollment Drop of 125 Students, Federal Judge Grants Temporary Restraining Order Against Releasing Names of Those who Signed Washington Referendum to Reverse Same Sex Couple Rights, Southern Idaho Judge Says Idaho Department of Water Quality Too Slow in Granting Senior Water Rights HiFi

Tuesday, Jul 28 Moscow City Council Likely to Withdraw Application to Sell Water Across State Line for Shopping Mall, Moscow Committee Recommends Hiring Consultants to Write Sewer Plan, Spokane Community Bill of Rights to go on November Ballot, Military Infiltrates Olympia Activists in Violation of Posse Comitatus HiFi

Monday, Jul 27 More Bike Racks Likely Downtown, Risch & Crapo to Vote Against Sotomayer, Same Sex Partner Benefit Opponents May Have Enough Signatures to Make Fall Ballot in Washington, UI Officials Satisfied with Oversight of Microelectronics & Biomolecular Research Center in Post Falls HiFi

Friday, Jul 24 Special: Testimony For and Against Ordinance Banning Smoking in Bars which was Approved by the Moscow City Council Monday HiFi

Thursday, Jul 23 Two Canyon County Men Convicted of Hate Crime in Nampa Beating, Boise Police Ombudsman Says Police Used Excessive Force Tasering Handcuffed Person, Judge Refuses to Grant Restraining Order for Nickelsville Tent City Advocates, Appeal of Supreme Court Re-Trial Decision Planned in Meister Case, Obama Interior Department Proposes Reduced Snowmobile Cap for Yellowstone HiFi

Wednesday, Jul 22 Wal-Mart Settles with Washington Workers for up to $35 Million, Monsanto to Join Idaho Conservation League in Calling for Stringent Mercury Emissions Standards, Local Environmental Group Opposes All New Clearwater Travel Plan Options HiFi

Tuesday, Jul 21 Moscow Council Votes to Ban Smoking in Bars & Within 20 Feet of Business Entrances, Governor Otter Calls for Complete Transparency on State Endowment Land Transfers, Idaho Colleges Report Increased Need for Student Aid HiFi

Monday, Jul 20 Pentagon Reveals that Soldier from Idaho held by Taliban in Afghaninstan for Last Three Weeks, Specifics of Role of Spokane-Based CIA Contractors in Torture of Abu Zabaida Revealed by Washington Post, City Council to Take Up Bar Smoking Ban Tonight, Judge Bradbury wants Restraining Order Against Idaho Supreme Court, ICE Deportations up in Northwest, Yellowstone Grizzly Litigants at Standoff, Trout Whirling Disease Declines in Madison River HiFi

Friday, Jul 17 Special: More Discussion of Smoking Ban in Bars at Committee Level, plus Headlines HiFi

Thursday, Jul 16 Idaho Transportation Director Fired, UI Plans for More Budget Cuts, Otter Vows to Fight INL Mercury Storage, Proposed Power Line between Idaho & Las Vegas Advances while Route Decision on Wyoming to Idaho Power Line Delayed HiFi

Wednesday, Jul 15 Ed Board to Take Comments on 7th & 8th Grade Graduation Standards, 3rd Republican Enters 2010 Governor's Race, 5 Spokane Police on Administrative Leave after Killing HiFi

Tuesday, Jul 14 Political & Industry Leaders from Northwest and Southeastern Canada Meet in Boise to Focus on Energy Issues, Continuance Granted in Silas Parks Murder Case, Somali who Lived in Cheney Arrested on Terror Conspiracy Charges HiFi

Monday, Jul 13 Moscow Committee Adds Language to Proposed Bar Smoking Ban Allowing Sealed Smoking Rooms, 3 Washington Death Penalty Appeals Rejected, Evidence of Wolf Pack Activity in Northeastern Washington HiFi

Friday, Jul 10 Special: Diane Mallicken of the Nez Perce Tribe HiFi

Thursday, Jul 9 Obama Administration to Reconsider Bull Trout Critical Habitat, Ui Will Get Training Funds for Emergency Situations, Latah Commissioners Hold Off on LEDC Funding Decision, Spokane Police Officer Pleads Not Guilty in Zehm Civil Rights Case HiFi

Wednesday, Jul 8 Latah County Prosecutor Says John Delling Will Plead Guilty to 2007 Moscow Murder of UI Student David Boss, Nellis Says He'll Delay Decision on Closing UI Ag Research Station at Parma, UI Won't Release Names of Those Investigating Veterinary Center Director HiFi

Tuesday, Jul 7 Idaho Supreme Court Vacates David Meister's Murder Conviction, Environmental Groups Sue over Western Energy Corridor Plan, Two Oregon State University Studies Suggest Letting Forests Burn May be Better for Climate Change than Thinning HiFi

Monday, Jul 6 Newly-appointed WSU Interim Education Dean Dies Suddenly, Coalition of Grape, Onion & Apple Growers Calls on Governor to Keep UI Ag Center at Parma Open, Whitman County to Take Corridor Infrastructure Money from State, Bill of Rights Likely on Spokane Ballot this Fall, Latah Economic Development Council announces Plan to Cut Budget and Activities in Half, Hanford Under Consideration to Store Nation's Mercury HiFi

Friday, Jul 3 Special: Downtown Parking on Council Agenda Again on Monday, Moscow Public Works Committee Discuss Parking at June 22nd Meeting HiFi

Thursday, Jul 2 Idaho Unemployment Rate Jumps Half a Percentage Point in June, Federal Judge says Forest Service Can't Use Scientist Committee Recommendations on Sheep Disease Transfer in Payette Forest, Latah Planning and Zoning Commission Denies Conditional Use Permit for Sustainable Ag School Near Deary HiFi

Wednesday, Jul 1 Moscow Resident Silas Parks Charged with Premeditated Murder in Death of His Wife, UI President Nellis Says University Move Ahead with Parma Closure, Daily News to Attempt to Access Deleted Water Legislation E-Mails Covered by Open Meeting Laws, Wife of Epileptic Man Killed by Spokane County Deputies Files Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit HiFi


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