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KRFP Evening Report January-April 2010 News Archive

Scroll through January-March 2010 editions of KRFP Evening Report below.



April-May Archives have been moved here.


Wednesday, Mar 31 Idaho Schools to Brace for Budget Cuts, I.N.L. Gets New Managemement Team, Moscow Doctor Talks About New Health Care Bill, Mistrial in Trial of 3 Coeur d'Alene Brothers Accused of Racial Harassment, Sequim Teen Scientist Says Tsunami Likely by 2040, No Guns for Seattle-Area Former Medical Marijuana Supplier HiFi

Tuesday, Mar 30 Silas Parks Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter, Idaho Legislature Ends with Dozens of Bills Considered, UI Art & Architecture School to Get New Structure HiFi

Monday, Mar 29 Three Groups to Sue over Interior Department Decision Not to List Sage Grouse Under Endangered Species Act, Wolf Season to End Wednesday, Judge Rules Against Motion to Drop Fetal Murder Charges Against Silas Parks, 9th Circuit Panel Rules Police Tasering of Pregnant Woman Okay HiFi

Friday, Mar 26 State Public Schools Budget Passes, Noble May Seek Release Next Week, Washington Gets Tougher Cell Phone Driving Law, Special: Food Co-op Board Candidates Forum Excerpts HiFi

Thursday, Mar 25 Lawmakers Reduce Idaho Medicaid, Bill Making it Illegal to Harass or Crowd Bicyclists Shelved Without a Vote, Special Session a Possibility, Pullman Planning Commission Approves Pre-Zone Plan HiFi

Wednesday, Mar 24 Photo ID Voter Bill Passes Senate and Goes to Governor, Chicken & Hog Farm Regulation Bill Dies in Legislature, Moscow-Based Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute Continues with Multiple Programs Despite Economic Downturn HiFi

Tuesday, Mar 23 Constitutional Amendments Loosening State Endowment Land Sales Rules Clear Senate, Attorney for Spokane Argues Zehm's "Excited Delirium" Justified Use of Force, Poultry & Hog Farm Regulations Pass in Senate, Washington Attorney General Joins Lawsuit Against Federal Health Care Bill HiFi

Monday, Mar 22 Idaho Legislative Panel Moves Forward with Constitutional Amendment to Make Sales of State Land Easier, City Official Expects Industrial Park Flood Plain to be Smaller than One of FEMA Map, Committee Approves Farmers Market Promotion Grant Application, Idaho & Latah County Political Races Shape Up HiFi

Friday, Mar 19 Special: Unembedded Journalist Dahr Jamail & Military Mom Susan Galleymore at UI Administration Auditorium Pt. 3 HiFi

Thursday, Mar 18 Full 9th Circuit Court Rules Former US Attorney General John Ashcroft Can be Held Personally Responsible for Detaining Former University of Idaho Student, Idaho House Votes to Limit Full Body Scanner Use, Senate Votes to Allow More Convicts to Access DNA & Fingerprint Evidence which May Exonerate Them HiFi

Wednesday, Mar 17 Otter Signs 'Health Freedom Act' Requiring Attorney General to Sue if Federal Health Care Passes, Idaho Supreme Court Says 6 Death Row Inmates Not Entitled to New Trials, Benewah County Sheriff Signs Cross Deputization Deal with Coeur d'Alene Tribe, 3 Constitutional Amendments Clarifying How Local Governments Can Go Into Debt to be on Idaho Ballot in November HiFi

Tuesday, Mar 16 Democratic Leader Criticizes GOP Lawmakers for not Considering Jobs Bill, Judge Bradbury to Run for Supreme Court, Moscow Council Approves Preliminary Plat for 110 Lot Peterson Addition Subdivision in Northwest Part of City, Parks Commission Chair Gives Update, Democrats Fail in Attempt to Change Health Workers Conscience Bill HiFi

Monday, Mar 15 Bill Revising Idaho's 45 Year Old Urban Renewal District Law Introduced, Idaho Drug Prison Slated to Open in July, Latah County Jobless Rate Up a Half a Percentage Point in a Month's Time, Federal Money to go to Sage Grouse Habitat HiFi

Friday, Mar 12 Special: WSU Soil Scientist Kevin Murphy with Update on Genetically Modified Crops HiFi

Thursday, Mar 11 Idaho Senate Passes University Rainy Day Fund Bill, Proposal that Would Pay High School Students to Graduate Early Delayed in Senate, Legislative Committee Passes Opt-Out Bill for Health Care Professionals, Bacteria Associated with Meningitis Infects Pullman 2-Year Old, 9th Circuit Tells Forest Service to Reconsider Sage Grouse Habitat in Southwestern Montana HiFi

Wednesday, Mar 10 State Higher Ed Budget Cuts Means $10 Million Less For University of Idaho, Legislators May Amend Rule Allowing School Districts to Re-Negotiate Contracts Any Time, UI Professors Want Furloughs to Include Class Time, WSU Soil Scientist Gives Overview of Genetically Modified Crops Controversies HiFi

Tuesday, Mar 9 Universities & Colleges Get $32 Million Budget Cut, J-FAC Cuts Idaho Public TV Budget by 16%, Moscow Committee Hears About Green Assessment Districts, UI Food Concession Looks to Purchase 12% Local Food HiFi

Monday, Mar 8 An Official Appeal Filed to Friday's Sage Grouse Decision, Committee Kills Idaho Immigration Bill, City and East City Park Users Plan to Replace Stage, Administrative Committee Gives Go Ahead to In-House Rewrite of Unified Zoning Code HiFi

Friday, Mar 5 Interior Says they Won't List Sage Grouse Under Endangered Species Act, State Revenue Behind Projections $41 Million Since December, J-FAC Nixes Transportation Bonds for US 95 Improvements North of Coeur d'Alene, Silas Parks' Attorneys Ask for Dismissal of Murder Charge for Fetus and Ask for Change of Venue. Special: Physician Bill Dientz on His Visit to Gaza HiFi

Thursday, Mar 4 Democratic J-FAC Member Says Anti-Public Education Agenda Behind New Schools Budget, Champion Olympic Cyclist Testifies in Legislative Committee for Law Protecting Cyclists, Fish Mortality Increases in Dworshak Reservoir HiFi

Wednesday, Mar 3 J-FAC Sets Next Year's Idaho Schools Budget at 7.5% Lower than This Year and Votes to Put All School Districts Under Emergency Designation, House Committee Votes to Ban Inflated Pensions, Hawkins Says it Will Delay Building 700,000 Square Foot Shopping Mall on State Line Because of the Economy HiFi

Tuesday, Mar 2 UI Announces Tiered Furloughs for 2600 Employees, Senate Committee Votes to Increase Number of New Charter Schools Allowed Each Year, Washington Attorney General Says State Will Change Execution Method, Washington Officially Intervenes in Federal Decision to Shut Down Yucca Mountain, Moscow City Council Gives Green Light to Improvements to 1912 Center and Modifies Day Care Ordinance to Allow Appeals HiFi

Monday, Mar 1 J-FAC Proposes 7.5% Budget Cut for Schools Next Fiscal Year, Voter Photo I.D. Law Passes Idaho House, 33 Homeless People Counted in Latah County but Social Worker says That's Likely the Tip of the Iceberg HiFi

Friday, Feb 26 Special: Unembedded Journalist Dahr Jamail & Military Mom Susan Galleymore at UI Administration Auditorium Pt. 2 HiFi

Thursday, Feb 25 Parks Board Reverses Self and Will Keep Dworshak State Park Open, 2500 Year Old Petroglyphs Spray Painted in Hell's Canyon, Deputy Attorney General Says Tribal Police Deputization Bill Passes Constitutional Review, Natural Resources Defense Council Sues US Fish and Wildlife Agency Over Failure to Protect White Bark Pine Under Endangered Species Act, Bill Would Ban Pension Bonuses HiFi

Wednesday, Feb 24 Idaho House Votes Unanimously for Higher Ed Rainy Day Fund, UI Wants to Increase Fees by 12%, Pullman Council Delays Vote on Zoning Land they Plan to Annex, John Day Residents Protest Possible Move by Aryan Nations Leader There, Idaho House Votes for Public Funding Constitutional Amendment, Attempt to Remove State Retiree Cost of Living Pension Increase Killed in Committee HiFi

Tuesday, Feb 23 House Committee Approves 'Photo I.D.' Voting Act, City to Consider Re-Zoning Area on Pullman Road Near Campus Center North, State Senate Votes to End Fire Rules for Rural Areas, Urban Renewal District Bills Before House Committees HiFi

Monday, Feb 22 House Passes Bill to Pay High School Students who Graduate Early, City Supervisor Outlines Plans to Respond to University Request for Details on Police Service Proposal, House Approves Bill to End Deadlines for Idaho Inmates Requesting Exonerating DNA Evidence, Tea Party Movement Leader Says Hanging Comment Won't Hurt Efforts, Tree Geneticist Outlines Scenarios for Northern Idaho Tree Distribution Changes Due to Climate Change HiFi

Friday, Feb 19 Joint Finance Committee Saves Education from Another Budget Cut This Fiscal Year, Other Departments Face another 7.1% Holdback, Area Legislators Oppose University Presidents' New Powers to Change Contracts before Ed Board Votes to Approves Change, Special: White Pine and White Bark Pine Mortality & Global Warming HiFi

Thursday, Feb 18 House Panel Respects Bill to Eliminate 1% Pension Increase, Asotin Tea Party Speaker Says She Wants U.S. Senator Murray Hung, 1 of 3 State Immigration Bills Killed in Committee HiFi

Wednesday, Feb 17 Haiti Judge Frees US Missionaries from Idaho in Child Trafficking Case, Legislative Committee Kills Bill Requiring Moscow Mayor Chaney Says City is Weathering Recession Well, City Attorney Briefs City Council on Adult Entertainment Laws, Council Hears from Census Officials HiFi

Tuesday, Feb 16 Idaho Legislative Tax Committee Kills Homeless Shelter Sales Tax Exemption Bill, US Supreme Court Schedules Hearing on Whether Initiative Signatures Should be Secret in Washington's I-71, Land Board Delays Decision on Raising Rents at State-Owned Lakeside Cabins HiFi

Monday, Feb 15 J-FAC Votes to Cut State Budget by Another $69 Million, Idaho Bill Would Ease Limits on New Charter Schools, St. Maries Representative Introduces Bill to Allow People to Keep Roadkill, Montana Deals with Pine Beetles and Wilderness Bill, Pullman Police Chief Weatherly Says Assault & Fighting Ordinance Arrests Down but Level of Violence is Up HiFi

Friday, Feb 12 Special: Unembedded Journalist Dahr Jamail & Military Mom Susan Galleymore Talk About Their Experiences in Iraq at University of Idaho HiFi

Thursday, Feb 11 Moscow P&Z Approves new 39 Acre Subdivision in Northwestern Part of City, Texting While Driving Bill Introduced in Idaho Senate Committee, Idaho House Members Seek to Raise Money by Surcharging Those Convicted of Crimes and Charging Non-Hunters who Use Wildlife Management Areas HiFi

Wednesday, Feb 10 Reuters Reports Haitian Judge will Release All 10 U.S. Church Volunteers, Land Board Says it Will Give Schools $22 Million in Reserves, Pre-emptive Bill Against Federal Health Care Passes Idaho House, Bill Giving Tribal Police Authority to Arrest Non-Tribal Members Passes Idaho House Panel HiFi

Tuesday, Feb 9 Idaho Revenue Down for 4th Month in a Row, 3 Cars Stolen From Pullman Found Stripped in Central Washington, Committees Hear Updates on Southeast Moscow Industrial Park Planning and Orchard Avenue Construction, Dorian Files Tort Claim Against Nez Perce & Clearwater Counties & Idaho Department of Correction for Injuries in Jail HiFi

Monday, Feb 8 Western Watersheds Project Sues to Hurry Endangered Species Act Decision on Pygmy Rabbits, Idaho House Passes Bill to Waive Sales Taxes for Homeless Shelters, Moscow City Committee Addresses Appeals Process for Those Denied a City Day Care License HiFi

Friday, Feb 5 Special: Half-Hour From Jack Nisbet Talking in Moscow about His New Biography of 19th Century Botanist David Douglas who Traveled the Northwest Collecting Plants & Cultural Knowledge in the 1820's HiFi

Thursday, Feb 4 Stegner Rules Against UI Early Retirees Again in Class Action Suit, King County Judge Rules Washington Does not Follow Educations Constitutional Responsibilities, Juvenile Court Judge Again Releases Teen Accused in Shooting Spree, Students Protest Tuition Increases at WSU and EWU HiFi

Wednesday, Feb 3 Attorney for Silas Parks Asks for Change in Venue for Murder Trial, Spokane Peace Group Says City Does Not Need to Go Through Police Union to Give Ombudsman More Power, Idaho Grazing Rule Changes Approved by Legislative Committees, WSU Students Plan Protest Against Tuition Hikes HiFi

Tuesday, Feb 2 Haitian Judge Questions Idahoans About Children, Ninth Circuit Panel Rules Millennium Bomber Sentence too Lenient, Troy Highway Rezone Approved, City Passes Resolution Supporting Stealth Bomber Base in Idaho, Legislative Resource Committees Set to Debate Grazing Lease Rules Drawn Up in Environmental Lawsuit Settlement HiFi

Monday, Feb 1 Haitian Prime Minister Says it May Allow Idahoans Arrested for Child Trafficking to be Tried in US, Idaho Parks Director Says She has Plan to Make State Parks Self-Sustaining, Accused Teen Shooter Arrested Again for Fire Bomb, Moscow City Council to be Asked to Pass Resolution Supporting Idaho Stealth Fighter Base HiFi

Friday, Jan 29 Special: Latah County Commissioners' Update HiFi

Thursday, Jan 28 Payette National Forest Releases Proposed Bighorn & Domestic Sheep Plans Which Seek to Minimize Contact Between Herds, Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna Wants to Tap Into State Endowment Fund to Help K-12, Another Racist Attack in Coeur d'Alene HiFi

Wednesday, Jan 27 Latah County Commissioner Jack Nelson Says He Won't Run for Re-election, Latah County Commissioners Deal with Budget Reductions & Changes in Corrections Programs, Moscow School Superintendent Candice Donicht Says She Will Retire in July, Senator Schroeder Introduces Bill to Reduce Idaho Parks Commission to Advisory Role Because of Dworshak Closure Vote HiFi

Tuesday, Jan 26 Office Says Replacing Inefficient Idaho Prisons Could Save the State Millions, Deary Teens Arrested for Shooting Up State Highway 8 on Friday Released into Parents' Custody, UI Negotiates 5-Year Food Services Contract with Sodexo, BSU President Kustra Concerned About Budget Cuts HiFi

Monday, Jan 25 UI President Nellis Warns Against More Higher Ed Budget Cuts, Ranchers Want Constitutional Amendment to Prevent Environmentalists from Outbidding Them on Grazing Leases, Idaho Parks & Recreation Department will Cut $4.5 Million from Budget to Survive, Moscow Administrative Committee Sends Troy Highway Zoning Changes to Council HiFi

Friday, Jan 22 Special: Interview with Larry Hildes, Attorney Representing 9 Olympia-area Anti-War Activists From Port Militarization Resistance Who Say Army and Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies Infiltrated and Spied on Them HiFi

Thursday, Jan 21 Attorney in Army Spying Lawsuit by Olympia Anti-War Activists Tells How Case Fits in With Other Spying Cases in Last Decade, Schroeder Introduces Bill to Legalize Collective Bargaining for College Instructors, Stimulus Money May Pay for State Highway 8 Improvements HiFi

Wednesday, Jan 20 Idaho Legislature Revenue Panel Sets Targets Even Lower than Governor Otter's, Rep. Trail Says He'll Fight Proposed Deep Education Cuts & Zero-Funding Idaho Public TV, Washington Legislative Panel Kills Marijuana Legalization & Decriminalization Bills, Moscow Police Chief Says 2008 Noise Ordinance Working, City Council Members Respond to Third Street Bridge Comprehensive Plan Complaint HiFi

Tuesday, Jan 19 Idaho Health & Welfare May Have to Close Some Offices if Budget Cuts Continue, Morning Star Ranch Sex Abuse Lawsuit Begins, Montana Bighorn Plan Opposed by Some Environmentalists, Government Says it Has State Secrets Exemption Allowing Them to Prevent Release of Information About Spying on Olympia Anti-War Protester, Food Supply Cut to Outlying Haitian Island HiFi

Monday, Jan 18 State Budget Chief Indicates Parks and Recreation Department Might Not be Merged with Department of Lands, Legislative Democrats Close Caucuses, Eight Republican Legislators form Ad-Hoc Tea Party Group, Local Groups Raising Money for Haiti Relief, Attorney for West Side Anti-War Activists Tells About Lawsuit Against Government Spies HiFi

Friday, Jan 15 Special: Otter & Gregoire State of the States, Rep. Shirley Ringo & Delmar Stone of American Association of Social Workers HiFi

Thursday, Jan 14 Minnick Says USDA to Spend $14 Million to Attack Pine Bark Beetle Epidemic in Idaho, $8.2 Million in Federal Money Released for Silver Valley Clean-Up, Haq Sentenced to Life in Prison for Seattle Jewish Center Killing, U.S. Supreme Court to Decide Tomorrow Whether to Hear Washington Referendum 'Everything but Marriage' Public Information Case, A Look at Controversy That Led to Food Author Michael Pollin's Speech at WSU HiFi

Wednesday, Jan 13 Another Racist Attack in Coeur d'Alene Targets Vehicle of Resident who has African American Visitors, Idaho Public Television May Close KUID-TV if Governor Otter's Budget Cuts Are Approved, Governor's Plans to Eliminate Parks & Recreation Department May be Thwarted by 1961 Agreement with Railroad Mogul HiFi

Tuesday, Jan 12 Idaho Based National Association of Social Workers Reacts to Governor Otter's State of the State Address, In Washington State of the State Address Gregoire Announces Intent to Attract $2 Billion in Capital Investments to Spur Job Growth, Public Works Director MacDonald Reports on State Highway 8 Construction for 2010 on East Side of Moscow, State Responds to Fired Transportation Director Lawsuit Saying Lowe was Incompetent HiFi

Monday, Jan 11 Idaho Governor Butch Otter Proposes Zero Funding 6 Agencies Including Idaho Public Television by 2014, Signature Collection Starts on Washington Marijuana Legalization Measure, Member of Idaho Board of Tax Appeals Hears Arguments From Moscow Developer Who Wants Agriculture Tax Rate for Indian Hills Sixth Addition Lots HiFi

Friday, Jan 8 Special: Gritman Medical Center CEO Jeff Martin HiFi

Thursday, Jan 7 Governor Otter Says Another Holdback is Coming Next Week Along with Cuts in the 2011 Budget including K-12 & Higher Ed, Idaho Paid 643 Million Dollars in Unemployment Benefits is 2009, Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Propose Close Reservation Rule HiFi

Wednesday, Jan 6 University of Montana Climate Modeling Study Predicts Drier, Hotter Northwest During Next 90 Years, Moscow Council Plans Retreat January 18th, Flooding Hits Genesee HiFi

Tuesday, Jan 5 New Moscow Council Members Tim Brown and Sue Scott Sworn In, Jon Marvel of Western Watersheds Project Calls UI Investigation into Veterinary Center Director a 'Whitewash,' Felons Given Vote in Washington, WSU to Offer Early Retirement Program HiFi

Monday, Jan 4 UI Veterinary Research Center Director Marie Bulgin Cleared of Wrongdoing by University Review, Accused Murderer Silas Parks Released on Bond, Idaho Budget to Top Legislative Agenda, Income Tax Reductions, Bike Safety & Voter ID Cards Likely to be Considered Also HiFi

Friday, Jan 1 Special: Dahr Jamail Speaking in Moscow Part 2 HiFi


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