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Radio Free Moscow has hired Leigh Robartes as News Director. He will be responsible for building the News Department and coordinating activities. If you want to make a suggestion or volunteer to be a citizen reporter, please contact Leigh.

Leigh Robartes is a former manager of KUOI-FM. During the past 18 years as a radio news reporter, Leigh has produced stories for national programs such as Pacifica Network News, Free Speech Radio News, as well as for regional outlets such as Northwest Public Radio and Montana Public Radio. Locally, Leigh has produced and hosted live, call-in candidate forums and public affairs programs. Currently he is hosts the Monday version of Morning Mix on KRFP 7-10 am and hosts a volunteer weekly music show on KUOI. At Radio Free Moscow, Leigh has been extensively involved in organizing the station from the ground up, and trains volunteer hosts, produces news and helps with programming decisions.


For the Board of Directors and others involved in KRFP, please see the People behind the Project.

Reporters Wanted!

Leigh Robartes
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*KRFP Evening Report* work typically is done by KRFP Citizen Journalists between 3-6 pm Mondays through Thursdays, although once trained, it can be done at other times of the day as well (usually earlier on weekdays, but can also be done in the evenings).  We also plan to add a Friday show shortly.  The show airs 5:30-6 pm.  Training is "on the fly," meaning you show up and we put you to work writing stories.  After a couple of days, you advance to doing your own reporting, including phone and in person interviews.  Those who wish to be part of the live newscast can read their stories live on the air.

*Other news duties (Citizen Journalist)*:  Gathering audio can happen at any time when events require it.  It's best to keep in contact with the News Director about events that need to be recorded in the field.  We record speeches, academic panels, public hearings and other events.  The more the better.  We also do in person interviews after and during events with portable recording equipment, and phone interviews at the station.  We try to have the person doing the interviews or recording write news scripts and isolate sound bites for broadcast, but that is not always necessary.  Training for field recording usually takes a half hour at the station, or the trainee can come along to an event and watch how it's done. 

For more information, contact Leigh at 892-9300 at station, afternoons or evenings.  Pager 883-5810.

  Leigh Robartes
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Email Radio Free Moscow, Suite 201, 116 E. 3rd St., Moscow, ID 83843
KRFP studio line 892-9200
KRFP business line 892-9300




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